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People say that superman sucks, I know for a fact they toned superman down so that other heros had a chance against him.


Ever remember the old comic of superman sending tuns of food to countries all over the world then at the end some militia sends a nuke at him which explodes and lights up the sky, his shirt was ripped after the dust cleared and the food vaporized but thats about it.


Super man was the 1940's Goku.


Now-a-days I saw a episode of superman where a chunk of street fell he scrambles to catch it which he does but looks like he got an erection while wearing a chastity belt trying to stop it from falling to the street below.


This from the man who stoped a locamotive in a few seconds (2 or 3).


I think that 1940's Super Man could go toe to toe with a after capsule goku, not super saiyan just when he came out of the capsule with 210,000 power lvl.

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well, it is true, I was just sitting there bored as hell and someone had brought it up, its a good bore killer so we went on on it, till It got to the old comics of MArvel vs DC where everyone on Dc lost except super boy.


Some guy said that Galactus would crush superman. And it went off about how strong superman really is.

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