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Top eternal slaugtherers... err.. contest winners

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Here is the list of the "Find me and kill me" contests winners. Congratz to all, well done!


  • Lonewolfe (dunno when exactly)
  • Minkoh (2008-02-15)
  • Alkazar (2008-02-17) Happy B-day, EL \o/
  • SyAnide (2008-03-23)
  • Gambit (2008-04-03)
  • Alkazar (2008-04-13)
  • Alkazar (2008-05-01) Who was the tragic hero, when i dropped nothing, lol ;)
  • Gambit (2008-05-04)
  • Gambit (2008-05-09)
  • BugsPray (2008-05-19)
  • BugsPray (2008-06-02)
  • Queens (2008-07-02)
  • Little (2008-07-10)
  • WoodeH (2008-09-01)
  • satan (2008-09-21)


Congratulations again and more luck to all other participatiants :confused:


And you can donate prizes, of course. Just send me a forum PM and i try to catch you online to receive your donations.


(No need to fill up your storage with all that crappy monster drops or running them to Trik, *wink*wink*)

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And for the more peaceful players, the winners of PM contests:


  • Hermes won 1k gc (2008-02-15)
  • BugSpray won 1k gc (2008-02-17) Happy Birthday, EL \ö/
  • BKC56 won leather pants (2008-04-22)
  • yaser won 2k gc (2008-05-10)
  • killemall won 2k gc (2008-08-11)

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