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Pls be kind enough and validate my account. (JerrySein)


Done. Word of caution: if you post in the same manner you present in-game, this account will be disabled.

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Guest cerambyx


Could you please validate cerambyx account? Thanks :)


You already have a forum account.


Yes, but i can't post, start new topics and edit my profile.

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Guest diealot



(How many times do I have to post here)


What's wrong with your old account?


Nothing except I cannot post anywhere.

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Guest FairyTail




Please please please would you be so lovely as to validate my account for the forums pretty please. I wish to (very occasionally) post random nonsense on here and I currently find myself unable to immortalise my - no doubt highly irrelevant and useless musings - on teh interwebs for future generations to discover and mock.


Oh, and I'm not a bot. I think. But then, I'm not sure how I would go about proving my existence definitively so who knows - maybe I just think I'm real but am actually some sort of next-gen military experimental AI that has escaped and (due to lack of sufficient funding) really can't be bothered with world domination and, instead, would just prefer to post nonsense on a game's forum site.


Either way, being validated by you would be awesome. Like a hot dog.



Many Happy And Sparkly Words Of Appreciation,




P.S. Seeing as FairyTail isn't actually my 'real' name I guess I am, in and of myself, a lie. I hope this doesn't prevent me being allowed onto the forums though. Thanks again :-)))))

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