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ent maby a nice idee to ban look @ that admin spamer



* Dns resolved to modem-310.snake.dialup.pol.co.uk


* Dns resolved to modem-3931.tiger.dialup.pol.co.uk


* Dns resolved to modem-2735.zebra.dialup.pol.co.uk


just ban *.dialup.pol.co.uk and he never comes back again :D

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the real limit of my idea is not how many combinations you'd have to ban. You wouldn't ban Admin2019458, you would ban *admin*, where * acts just like it does in searches and allows anything to be there. So just putting in the code for *admin* would ban every name with those 5 letters in that combination. The problem: ban *ent* and you've banned legitimate names, like Dark Ent (Ent as in tree), or any name whatsoever with 'ent' in that order. there are plenty of words with 'ent' in them, all of which couldn't be used. Then you run into banning individual names to preserve the ability of players to pick good names, and banning individual combinations just isn't a prevention method. Too many combinations.

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