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Thank you very much Samy_Navilian and TheSpread for reading and loving the story.


I will keep the chapters comming for you all. :icon13::pickaxe:

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in-game name: hobobob380


main-skill: harvesting



favorite maps: Valley of the Dwarves and South Redmoon Island



Ill try to get you in the story soon.


I will take the numbers out from your name btw.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest I have to write. :P

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awesome \o/ just got to catch up love the massive phantom description along with the great fight scene :icon13::P

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Ohhhh now that story gave me the shivers... the thought of 2 thousand Phantom Warriors... all under the control of one man! WOW I could imagine the valley looking like a carpet of white see thru ants... swaming up to the Fort.... the screaching and groaning crys of the long since dead warriors, all looking to earn there place in Vahala by fighting this one last battle with honor. =)


Love the way this story is going! :icon13:

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nice chapter! but... my poor poor phantoms :) wahhhh :cry:



Im glad you liked hehe. :cry:


The phantoms fought well. :cry:


Im sure they will come in handy again. :P

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:) wow i love reading it ............And it is so good and keep me on edge my chair just to see what happens next...................... :cry::cry::P:cry::mace:





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:) wow i love reading it ............And it is so good and keep me on edge my chair just to see what happens next...................... :cry::cry::P:mace::mace:







I am glad you like. :)


I am so happy that it keeps you on the edge of your seat haha. As a story should hehe. :cry:

Edited by Paul Brown

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Just out of curiosity, how long are you going to keep writing for?


From what you said this is all unplanned and more think it up as you go, so do you even have a foreseeable conclusion?

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Ok all. It has been a while since the last chapter. My graphic card crashed and my new should be here today.


I will be working on the new and final chapters of the story for you all. :P


If the graphics card gets here early enough today I will try my best to post another chapter tonight. :icon13:

yes yes yes yes \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

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To my readers of this story,



I would like to start off and apologize for keeping the fans of this story waiting for a conclusion. I had deleted all the post on the forums so I could edit gramatical/typographical errors realizing that I had many.


During that time I had run into many computer issues which caused my computer to die on me. I did not have a computer up and running for about 3 months which drove me crazy. :/


But now I have a new computer and have retreived the contents of this story from my hard drive.


If you check pages 1 - 3 on this forum you will notice that I have re-added the first 20 chapters I wrote with all(I hope) errors fixed.


I am writing the concluding chapters as we speak and will hopefully have a ALL NEW chapter released for you readers today!







Formerly of eGow

Proudly of L.A.

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Standing here in Portland the great eGow warriors along with Storm Shadow prepared to fight for their lives why watching this army of sslessars grow larger and nearer to them. All the men prepared their blades and crowns knowing exactly how dangerous Selain can be with her sslessars.


"Lay your swords down men!" Shouted Storm Shadow.


"I have seen these creatures before and they will not harm you." He finished.


As Storm Shadow said this the warriors looked over in time to catch view of Paul walking toward them with five others. Nobody but Storm Shadow seemed to recognize the woman with the staff that seemed to be in control of the sslessar army.


"Well son of a bitch!" Shouted Storm Shadow and Mistress Salazar approached.


"I cannot believe that I am seeing you standing near me!" He finished with a tear.


"Now now Stormy." Mistress Salazar said why hugging Storm.


"I knew I would find my way back to help you one day." She finished.


With that Storm Shadow directed everyone back into the tavern as Mistress Salazar sent the sslessars to guard the entrances to the city. Once inside Storm Shadow told of the curse that had been placed on the Mistress by Selain and how he had saved her in enough time to escape certain death.


"Selain will become twice as strong as she is now if she was to gain control of my staff." Mistress Salazar said.


"I will not let this happen if I have anything to say about it!" I said reassured knowing that I had my entire guild at my side now.


"We all will fight to the death if needed." Skyler said softly but firm in tone.


"And we will join you!" Chimed in a dark but subtle voice.


At this everyone turned to look at the door to the tavern and noticed that Kidberg was standing there with Progress and Stricken. With amazed eyes they watched as Kidberg walked toward Skyler and bowed his head as he took a knee.


"Skyler I appologize for all the fights we have had." Kidberg said.


"But now that Robotbob and Cissysauce are dead I ask that we can become allies." He requested.


Looking at the rest of of his guildies Skyler motioned them to the back of the tavern. They wanted to go out the door but knew that they didn't want to discuss this out back surrounded by the stench of shit that came from the taverns out-house.


"I am proud to say that I am responsible for the death of Cissysauce." I said with a grin on my face.


"Yes." Said Agis.


"Do you believe that we can trust Kidberg with what he says?" Questioned Spyridonas.


So I stood there and explained to them all the times I had fought secretly besides Kidberg in Mortos Valley in the southern parts of Tahraji Desert. How he had helped me to become stronger over the years and deserved to be trusted by us.


Walking back into the tavern Skyler walked forward and placed a gentle hand on Kidbergs sholder and told him that it would be an honor to have them as allies now. After saying that he looked over to Progress and Stricken and extended his hand with a smile.


"It is great to have you guys aboard you know." Skyler said.


"We can use all the help we can get against Mortos." Finished Kurok.


"But for now we sit and drink over the new alliance!" Shouted Ol' Strago as he already had his lips moist with the Portland supply.


So the great Mistress Salazar sat and told stories to the men of battles that were fought in her presence before any of them had been born. Spewing tales of hatred and pain all caused by the hard left hand of Mortos and his right hand Selain.


She told horror stories of how Mortos had killed entire civilizations of innocent people for no particular reason at all. The fear of Mortos had been around long before any of us were around but we knew that we needed to try to defeat Mortos and Selain no so our kin would be able to live in the lands of eternal peacefully from now on.


Only problem was that we had no idea how unprepared we already were...




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The group was so busy in conversation that none of them noticed Decebal sneak out the back door toward the smelling pile of shit. He ran as quickly as he could to the north-west and entered Tahraji Desert.


Once inside he traveled due west headed toward Mortos Valley. He was headed to the cave entrance. He was filled with so much anxiety because he knew Mortos would be happy to hear the news that he had.


Decebal was a spy for Mortos and knew the plans that Paul and his allies were putting together to fight Mortos. Decebal had spent many days just standing around by Idaloran docks listening to the locals as they passed. If he heard any information that Mortos could use he would run to Tahraji Desert and spill his guts of all his stolen information to Mortos.


Standing in front of the cave entrance Decebal looked behind him to make sure not a soul was watching and cast a teleport to range spell that took him to a hidden cave entrance above the one known in Tahraji.


"Mortos, are you here?" Questioned Decebal.


Standing here waiting for a response and not getting one Decebal knew that Mortos must have been somewhere else. He made his way to the back room of the hidden cave and noticed that the walls were lined with the slime of sslessars.


"What in Isle Prima is going on here?" Said Decebal.


With soft feet he tip-toed his way to the back and reached a door. He was not sure that he wanted to go in but he knew that Mortos needed the information that he had. Taking his left hand he felt the door and noticed that the wood felt very smooth yet strong to the touch.


"Who dares listen at the other side of the door!" Yelled an unknown voice.


Thinking quickly Decebal ran back about thirty steps and looked in the direction of the door. Not knowing what to expect to happen or who he would see on the other end.


"Tis' I Decebal from the land of Idaloran!" Yelled Decebal in the direction of the door.


As he said this the smooth and strong door that was thirty feet in front of him opened with such ease. Standing now in the open doorway was none other than the summoning God herself Selain.


"And what brings a local like yourself to Mortos private study?" Asked Selain.


"I bring news that I must tell to Mortos directly mam." Studdered Decebal.


"I need to see him right away." He finished.


"Well why not tell me so I can let him know for you." Replied Selain.


Decebal didn't know weather he should tell her but he also knew that she was very powerful and could kill him easily if she wanted too. Looking at her standing there he realized that he must tell her everything he knew in hopes she would let him leave.


He spilled all the info he had on the help that DibClark had given to Paul and how they had released Mistress Salazar from the very curse she had placed on her. Selain had a look of disbelief on her face as Decebal told her everything he knew.


"So you are telling me that Mistress Salazar is in the lands of Portland as we speak?" Questioned Selain.


"Yes mam she is." Said Decebal.


"She is also with all of the eGow warriors who have formed an alliance with Kidberg of the Anarchist." He finished.


"Oh how such wonderful news you bring to me today Decebal." Gloated Selain.


"I will make sure that when I speak with Mortos I tell him you provided me with this vital information." She said as she approached him quickly.


As she reached Decebal she placed a hand on his sholder. Decebal looked at her in the eyes and smiled as she summoned a sslessar directly behind him. Decebal knew not of what happened when the sslessar stood tall and bit his head clean off.


His body hit the ground with a loud thud as Selain headed out of the cave and toward the lands of Portland. All the while Decebal's body bled out all over Mortos cave floor.


Reaching the gates of Portland Selain summoned ten thousand sslessars. She entered Portland and quickly headed toward the direction of Portland City where Mistress Salazar and the eGow alliance were enjoying some wine...




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