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The story starts...







It all began on the eve of the Red Moon. Clear and cool night with the dew remnance from the preceding days rain. I am sitting, not certain as to how I came to be at this dock. I look at my watch and realize that Gargoyle will be roaming madly around soon.




“Get out now!” runs through my mind as I run through the moist, wet dock area to a safe place.


I find myself in the beautiful Valley. A valley so full of beautiful flowers and bursting with life. One could easily find themselves lost for days just exploring the lush terrain. Realizing that my stomach was screaming at me with a split tongue I decided to stop and talk with the local storage host who held my worldly goods.


“Hello there Molgor!” I said.


“Well hello Paul.” Molgor responded.


“What may I get for you tonight?” He said with a eager grin.


“Well Molgor, I am quite hungry and was wondering if I had some cooked meats in my storage?” I asked with a friendly smile.


“Why yes you do kind sir and may I also suggest you take some armor with you.” He replies back to me.


“Now why would I be in need of armor my good friend?” I asked with a puzzled tone.


“Well Paul” he started.


“I was having a chat with Gossip and she informed me that there might be some trouble tonight around the Palon Vertas area.”


“Also hear word that Mortos is angry again and was seen walking around that area spying on the locals.” finished Molgor.


Realizing the threat that this posed to my family that lived in the lush lands of Palon Vertas I quickly stocked up on my potions, health, essences and rings. I tell myself its time to pick my armor and weapon that I will wear to protect my family and quickly decide to put on my full Red Dragon armor that was given to me by my grandfather.



Looking at the sharp and shinny blade of my cutlass I realize there is no other weapon for me. My one constant. Firm handle, perfectly balanced and deadly sharp made this blade one to be reckoned with.



With haste I cast my restoration spell as I place my gold crown of life upon my head. I tell myself that this crown will protect me in the most severe times of trouble.


I barely get done casting restore as I cast my teleport spell to my homeland.



Its now that I realize there is no turning back. I must protect my family at all cost!



To be continued...

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As I arive to my homeland I realize immediatly that all is not ok. A dark and billowing cloud hovered above like a cat stalking its prey.


I look to the south as I hear a sound. A low growling sound that approached quickly. I prepare my blade and straighten my crown.


From out of the shadows a tiger leaps at me with teeth and claws exposed! I quickly dodge her to the left. My stance is strong and my will is high. You can say I am prepaired to fight. I swipe my blade at the fierce beast. Her tough fur splits at the ribs and quickly becomes red. She issues a yelp that can be heard for a winds throw. A claw catches my face. I feel the warm blood spread down to my neck and I can see this will be a challenging battle.



With a jump to the right I take a stab at the open cut the tiger already has and it works. My blade sticks in hard to the beast. Taken aback by the pain the tiger runs to my left. Not sure as to what her next move is going to be I prepair my shield for the attack.


As if to read my thoughts the tiger lunges at me, trying to catch me before the dragon inscribed shield can block her view. I dodge to the left and swipe my blade across her exposed throat. My aim is true. The tigers blood pours to the ground faster than she can. I realize the fight is over.



Wishing to stay and collect the meats and bones I realize I cannot. There are lives to be saved. I must protect my family at all cost.


I head to the south toward my home. I can see the beautiful rose bush by my house has been damaged and crushed.


“Who would do such a rotten thing?” I asked the clouds.


Funny part was that for a second I expected an answer. With a flash of light and a crack of thunder that could be felt through my body I realized that I might have not really wanted an answer.


Not considering what was actually to happen to me on this fateful journey.




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I walk into my house and I realize its unusually quiet. Every other time I had come home I would always be greeted by the love of a good family.


There is my mother Maria who would always tell me that my work is too dangerous and that I should settle down with Annatira.


Now Annatira has been a great friend to me and she is one hell of a jewlery maker. Hell I would say the best for that matter, but I have a different love interest and will not stop till I have her for myself.


I also have a sister named JadedLily. I really missed her. Haven’t seen her much sense she got married to Jimbo. Jimbo is my good friend and I would not have trusted anyone else as much as I do him to marry JadedLily.


There wedding was a great one. You know how it goes. People that you don’t usually see will be there and you get to find out how there life is going and how there family is. I certainly miss having her around.


A loud crash snaps me back to reality and I realize a few tears have snuck there way out of my eyes. I run up the stairs only to find four armed skeletons going through my mothers dressers. I make quick work of these unwanted creatures and head down the hall to my bedroom.


As I enter my room the first thing I notice is that a teleport portal lies on the floor next to my bed.


“How the hell spawn did this get here.” I said out loud.


“It was placed there by Mortos.” A unknown voice chimes in.


“Where did you come from?” I said.


Shocked I turned to see a tall Draegoni man that looked familiar to me but not certain how. He looks me in the eyes and spoke.


“Why Paul?”


“How do you forget a face as friendly as mine?” He finished.


I think for a few brief moments and before I can open my mouth to respond a Feros crashes through the door and hits me with his spear almost knocking me unconscious. I hear the male voice yell as he jumps to my aid. I watch in fear as the Feros raises his spear and prepares to kill me.




"Leave him alone!” The male voice comes back into my ears.


I watch as he kills the Feros and realize that this can be only one person. Samy Navilian. My greatest friend from childhood that trained with me. Only one person fights like him and that made me certain it was him.


After killing the Feros Samy puts his hand out and said.


“Now Paul stand up.”


“We do not have time to be lying around.”


“I should have known it was you Samy!” I said with assurance.


He smiles. After a brief pause he tells me that he has something very important to show me as he hands me a letter. The letter is crisp and unopened. With curious fingers I slowly open the letter to find out what it could be about.


My dearest Paul,


I don’t really know of a good way to tell you this son, but Mortos is responsible for the death of your father. He was killed at the docks by a Yeti that Mortos summoned on him while he was harvesting cotton for the local manufacturers. I had very little time to prepare this letter but I need you to listen to what Samy Navilian has to say. Its of great importance.




I gasp out loud as I read this letter.


“Am I dreaming?”


“Is this real?” I asked as everything goes black and I hit the floor in cold silence...



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Somewhere in the Zirankinbar region...




“What can we do?”


“How am I supposed to know?”


“We must tell Mortos about this immediately!”


The two dwarves watched as Aluwen the sworn enemy to Mortos slay an army of Chimerans sent by Mortos to take down any Draegoni races in the Zirakinbar stronghold.




"We need to teleport to Aeth Aelfan and warn him immediately!”


The two dwarves teleported as quickly as two thieves in the night. They wanted to share the great news they had to offer Mortos in hope that the alliance between the dwarves and Mortos would grow stronger. Or so they thought...



Meanwhile in Aeth Aelfan...



Mortos stood at the entrance to Lothalith Fortress. He was awaiting the return of Selain from the lands of North Redmoon. He had sent her along with her Sslessar army to talk with the Feros race. Mortos need the Feros to take over Palon Vertas and surrounding lands.


“I must gain control of these lands!” He said with authority.


At the sound of his voice every creature in the surrounding areas ran for there lives. They may not have known what he said but every race and creature knows that Mortos only speaks one language. The language of death.


Just as Mortos was about to move inside he seen two figures coming out of the fog and in to his view. The fog was particularly thick on this day. It hovered above the ground thick as cigar smoke filling a room and sitting six inches from the ground. Just another one of those ways that Mother Nature works. We all know that she has one giant sense of humor, now don’t we?


“Stop there!” says Mortos


“Don’t kill me Mortos!”


“It is I Mandroyl your humble servant.”


“I have come here with my brother to tell you of some news we have acquired in Zirankinbar.” Replied the brother.


“And what news is this that you offer me?” Mortos asked.


So the two men told Mortos of the incident with Aluwen. Mortos became furious with rage. Shaking his fist in the air Mortos summoned three hundred Yeti. He watched as the two men ran for there lives. They disappeared into the fog like two rats running from a cat.


“Now go my strong Yeti to Zirankinbar and kill Aluwen and any Draegoni you see!”


The yeti ran off to do the deadly deed. Nothing more on there minds then the word of there dark God...




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Back in Palon Vertas...



Samy sat over me like a parent over a sick child. It made me feel good knowing that after all these years he still cared about me. There are some points in your life when you realize who a true friend is and what you can accomplish by having them near. If it was not for Samy then I would be dead right now. That Feros caught me off guard.


“That Feros caught me off guard Samy.” I said as to complete my thought.


“Good thing I was here to help you Paul.” He replied.


“Your mother told me to make sure that I found you." He continued.


"Honestly I wouldn’t have found you unless you came home.” Samy said as he cleaned the cuts on my face from the tiger.


He was a very skilled medic. He worked with steady hands to clean every wound I had on my face. While he sat there and helped me I thought back to a time years ago when we were in the Draegoni Fighting School.


We would go to the Glacmor Skill Academy to make some essences and then head over to Trassian via the local Polar Bear Pull taxi service.

On this particular day we stopped over at DibClarks GenX Harvest shop for some silver ore.


Glacmor was alive with tons of people from places as far away as Isle Prima. The GenX shop was packed with patrons waiting patiently for the harvesters to return with there orders.


DibClark is a great friend to my family and I have always loved stopping at his fine shops.


“Hey there Dib!” I said over the crowd noise.


“Hey Paul.” He said with a smile. Then looking at Samy.


“Hey there Samy I am glad to see you again old friend.”


“Hey there Dib.” Samy said with a smile.


The three of us had a brief conversation about the recent talk that were going on at Isle Prima campfire. You know the old conversations that Prattler tells.


We sat in a much quieter place in the shop. It was in Dibs’ personal office. When you walked down the cellar stairs you had to cast a spell at the wall to uncover a teleport portal that lead to the secret room.

Sitting in the secret room that day was the first time that we had learned about the dangers of Mortos. Yes he was deep on my mind.


“How did he kill my father?” I asked Samy as he finished fixing my face.


Samy looked at me with a serious face and said...




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I see a plot emerging,yet there seems to be a split in the direction the tale is going already.

Quite intresting,and I will be watching to see how this story developes in the future. Also,I was wondering if there will be another,kinda' like the Lord of the Rings series,or if this will be only one as a whole,starting and ending within it's own cover,so to speak. Keep stretching the boundrys of the mind,and remember... some of us got here on a Space Ship. :happy:

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It was a beautiful day in Palon Vertas. All the lush colors of the land blend well with the backdrop of the water. The Saligen Docks is common to many flower collectors and thread makers.


On this particular day there were about ten people sitting by Shild. The boats were all empty except one. One particular boat belonged to a local by the name of Cagdas.


Now Cagdas would take his boat everyday to the docks at Aeth Aelfan and take the local boat to Glacmor. He did this everyday because he worked at Prince Saret’s Tavern in Trassian. He did enjoy taking the local Polar Bear taxi service to Trassian.


On a very rare occasion did Cagdas take a day off. But today was very important for him to not be at work. Today was his birthday. A time to celebrate his life. He had a beautiful wife and two great children. One had gone off and gotten married to a good fella from the lands of Tarsengaard. The other was a great fighter off in the lands of Seridia defending the rights of innocent men.


Cagdas son was from the clan of warriors known as the Eternal Gods of War. Fighters for the rights of all races in Draia. They had fought many tough battles and are as honorable as a guild can be.


Cagdas was proud of his son. He did not get to see his son often as he would like but he understood the importance of his job.


Just as Cagdas was daydreaming of memories from raising his children a familiar voice rang through the docks.


“Hey Cagdas old man!”


“Hey Shodokan how are you doing young fella?” Said Cagdas.


“I am great Cagdas.” Shodokan said as he drew nearer to the man with an outstretched hand.


The two men shook hands firmly. Shodokan was the son to Cagdas co-worker. He was also good friends with Paul. It had been a long time sense Cagdas had seen Shodokan and noticed how much he had grown from the last time he seen him.


“Your almost as tall as your father.” Cagdas said.


“Yes sir."


"My dad is quite tall sir.” Shodokan replied.


So for the next few minutes the two men chatted. Shodokan had informed Cagdas that he had run into his son just a week ago in Portland. There was an invasion and the two had fought together.


The two men were so into the conversation that they did not even notice that it was starting to get dark outside. An unusual darkness only brought on by the comming of danger.


“Well sir I really have to go now.” said Shodokan.


“Ok young man good luck.” Replied Cagdas as Shodokan teleported.


Little did anyone realize that Mortos had been around the corner spying on them all and was about to unleash hell upon the unsuspecting crowd at the docks. Mortos took eye to Cagdas and decided to strike...




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Mortos sent in five thousand rats. Not to kill but to cause confusion too the unsuspecting people at the docks. Just as Mortos let the rats loose Cagdas spotted him.


“Everyone run!” Yelled Cagdas.


“The evil Mortos is upon us!” He continued.


Realizing how lucky he was to be on his boat instead of at the cotton like he should have been Cagdas ran to the back of the boat and grabbed his thermal serpent sword his son had given him for times like this. Cagdas quickly threw on his armor before Mortos had time to take over his boat.


“Ahhhhhh!” Yelled Cagdas.


Cagdas lunged for Mortos with his serpent sword swinging steadily in his direction. As he reached Mortos he took a swing at his head. Mortos quickly moved to the side and threw a fist with the power of the clouds in Cagdas direction. His punch was true and landed on the jaw of Cagdas sending him flying forty feet through the air and into the beautiful rosebush next to Cagdas house.


Mortos ran to where Cagdas lied. As he ran he summoned two armed male orcs. They were mean looking creatures with two really strong blades in hand. Cagdas looked up too see the orc just in time to move out of the way. The orc blades missed him and landed into the soft soil of the garden.


Cagdas took two decisive swings at the first orc in front of him and landed both. Green blood and brain matter fell out of the first orcs head. A blank dead stare coming from the orc as he fell to the ground and the remaining matter spewed from his head.


“I will not go without a fight!” Yelled Cagdas.


He took aim upon the next orc but as if to read his thoughts the male orc dodged his swing and stabbed at Cagdas rib area. The orcs blade cracked his armor but didn’t cut the skin.


“Damn you!” said Cagdas as he realized his platemail had been damaged.


He thought immediately of the times that stupid drunk man in the chair had broken his nice shiny armor. Tankel was his name. He lived in the area of Morcraven Marsh. He sat there all day and rocked back and forth drinking his wine and ruining a lot of expensive fighting gear. I think he did that on purpose because he was depressed that his daughter wouldn’t leave the house and give him grandchildren.


A loud yell filled the air to drain out this brief thought and Cagdas realized that Mortos was now in front of him and a yeti at his side.


“Kill him!” Yelled Mortos to the yeti.


With swift powerful hands the yeti picked up Cagdas and threw him back toward the docks. Cagdas landed with a loud thud and instantly broke his legs. He could not move. Paralized with fear and pain more than ever before. The strong yeti reached down and grabbed Cagdas by the head. The creature lifted Cagdas into the air.


Looking past the yeti Cagdas noticed Samy Navilian running in his direction to help and yelled to him with the best of his ability.


“Samy, I am going to die!”


“Please tell my son that I love him and will miss him.” Cagdas said as the yeti snapped his neck.


At this exact moment Shodokan appeared back at the docks. He had forgot to give Cagdas the letter he had in his possession for Paul. It was a letter from Kassy. Kassy was the girl that Paul had always wanted. But being at war had separated them.


“Shodokan help me!” Yelled Samy.


The two men took aim at the yeti that had killed Cagdas. Shodokan struck first with a mighty hit to the arm of the yeti. He swiped off the arm in one shot. The yeti let out a yelp of pain as Samy stabbed the yeti in the heart.


Both men watched as the blood from the yeti found its way down the blade like a snake down a pole. Looking into the direction of Mortos they realized they were not prepared to fight him yet.


“Do you have a teleport ring?” Asked Samy.


“Sure do old friend.” As he handed him one.


Both men teleported to a safe area and discussed how they would explain the death of Cagdas to Paul. For they were both good friends of Paul's and new this would hurt him badly...




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very nice, paul! :icon13:


don't forget, GenX has more to offer than just your ordinary "jampacked store" :laugh:


thanks for including me and my team :pickaxe:


looking forward to reading more of your tale!

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After sitting here and listening to the story that Samy told me I felt as if I should have been there. Why was I not there to protect my father? I should have been there.


A guilty feeling falls over my body making every muscle weaken. The words that Samy were telling me made me want Mortos dead more than ever.


“What about JadedLily?” I asked.


“Your sister is fine.” Replied Samy.


“Her and Jimbo are hiding out in Arius.” Said Samy.


Without having to tell me anything else I knew that JadedLily and Jimbo were in the care of the local Astrologer Urania. She had done many favors for my family some years back and she introduced us to Elf Girl. A great archer Elf Girl is. She also was the local flower delivery girl from White Stone City.


Elf Girl spent many hours finding and harvesting flowers for Forra’s Flower and Herb shop. She became quite a great archer by spending many afternoons running around the vast area of Tirnwood Vale killing the local wildlife for there furs and meats. She would bring all the furs and meats along with her flowers to Urania and even help make potions.


“How is Elf Girl doing?” I asked.


“Is she safe?” I said before Samy could respond to my first question.


“Yes she is safe.” Samy said as he handed me a letter.


“This is a letter that was given to me by Shodokan.” Said Samy.


I grabbed the letter in my hand and I could smell the sweet smell of Lilac Passion perfume and knew that this letter was from Kassy. She always wore that perfume, it was her favorite. She would send me a Letter Hawk every so often while I was off on missions with eGow. Each and every letter had the same exact smell.



“Before you read that letter I need to tell you something.” Samy interrupted my thought.


“What is it?” I asked.


“DibClark asked me to tell you to stop by and see him before you leave for your mission.” Samy continued.


“He has some information for you and he would not tell me.” Samy finished.


“Ok, I will stop by there after I read this letter.” I said.


Samy told me that he needed to go and speak with Gossip and that he would have Gossip send me a message when he wanted to meet up again. I agreed and he was on his way. I sat in the destructed room and sat on the floor next to the teleport portal. I ran the length of the letter through my fingers. I quickly opened the letter and took out the paper inside. Folded in three as usual.



My love,

I have been missing you a lot lately. I have not seen you for a long time now and miss you dearly. I would ask you to come see me but I have some information you need to hear. I hope Shodokan made his way to you with this letter. A lot has been going on around Irilion sense you last left. I heard from Floricia, the elf woman from Irsis that Mortos had been seen speaking with Derzelas the potions sellar. She told me that Derzelas told her that Mortos was asking about you. I think grave danger lies close to you. I am scared. He also told Floricia that Mortos said something about the building of a huge army. When you have found your family please ask Gossip to find me and bring them to me. I can keep them safe. I fear that I have not much time left. But I wish for you to know I love you and want for you to hold me.


With all my love,




Sitting here alone I thought about holding Kassy. I knew I missed her also but my family must be saved. I stood and put the letter into my back pocket and headed straight for the teleport portal to see where it lead...



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As I got close to the portal a thought of what Samy had said jumped into my head like a warning.


“He has some information for you and he would not tell me.”


I was to go see DibClark before I left. I really wanted to leave and see where the teleport portal would lead but DibClark had been as good a source of information as the great Gossip lady had been.


I quickly left my once happy home and headed west toward the great Idaloran City. I need to stop and talk with Hugues the local storage keeper in Idaloran. He would be able to tell me where DibClark was.


Glacmor was not the only place that Dib had set up shop. He had many open GenX stores over all of Seridia and Irilion. Smart man if you ask me.


Realizing that it was great to have a friend like Dib I quickly passed through the damp and dark cave that lead the way to Idaloran. No sooner did I enter the vast lands of Idaloran before I encounter my first problem. Standing right outside the cave that I exited stood three Cyclops.


Almost looked as if they were waiting for me there. With my blade sharp as a razor and my anger embedded deep in my soul I laid wrath to the Cyclops. I ran right into the middle of all three of these giant creatures and slashed at the knees of the first one that moved. He buckled and fell. Just as the cyclops had fallen I swung my cutlass to the right and cut the eye of the next cyclops.


“AAARRRRGGGG!” Screamed the second cyclops.


I knew that he would be useless against me with his only eye missing. Well not exactly missing but gushing a white and red mixture of blood and eye fluid. I would take care of him later I told myself as I took aim upon the third cyclops.


“Mortos will have to do better than this!” I yelled as I faced in the direction of the third creature.


I wanted this cyclops to feel more pain than the other two. He had seen what had happened to his friends and I could see the fear in his eye. I knew then I had him beat. But the fact that he stayed here instead of leaving told me he was challenging me, the great fighter that I had become and the great warrior I will remain.


I stuck the tip of my blade into his belly and watched as his fear turned to anger. Its what I wanted. I wanted him to get mad and give me a great fight. Its all that any fighter ask. Sure its nice to beat an opponent with a few swift attacks but in this case where my father had been killed by the same man that sent these unworthy creatures made me want for them to feel the pain and not just enjoy there death.


“AAAARRRGGGG!” Yelled the blind cyclops again behind me.


The cyclops that stood in front of me swung his arm back with his giant spiked club tight in his grips. His arm came toward me with the force that only a mighty cyclops could use but I was prepared for it. I quickly jumped back to avoid the shot and waited for his hand to pass my eyes. At that exact moment I laid a full power swing of my blade and chopped his hand clear off.


I watched as the hand dropped to the ground and the club was now rolling away. It was as if the hand was still alive because the giant fingers were moving. To my surprise the cyclops had ran over to the club that was rolling away and picked it up. Again I waited for him to swing at me with it. Right as he did I returned the favor to his left hand as I did to the right and cut it off. It landed not five feet from the other. Great amounts of blood gushed from the now handless arms of the cyclops. He knew he had been defeated.


I ran at him with my blade pointed straight at his chest. And when I reached him I plunged my sword deep into his chest, collapsing his lungs and heart. I know he felt it for I could see the pain in his eye. Just before he died I pulled my blade from his chest and sunk it into his stomach. I wanted him to feel one last bit of pain before he was sent to the underworld. This time to never return.


With one cyclops dead and two injured I headed in the direction of the other two. I found the one with his kneecap now cleanly cut off. I slowly dug my blade into his neck as he tried to crawl away from me. I could hear the gurgle of blood in his throat and knew he would die very soon. I then took my blade and sunk it into his spine. He was now dead.


I so badly wanted to kill the blind cyclops but I wanted to send Mortos a message of my anger. So I left the cyclops wandering blindly through Idaloran as I headed to find out what DibClark had to tell me. I needed to hurry. My family was in need of my help and I will not let them down. Only my death would prevent me from finding them and Mortos would have to do a lot more than this to stop me.


I am certain he did have something on his mind...




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I like it, esp the details of the Orc battle. :blush:


I've enjoyed reading this from the beginning, great job, I look forward to more.


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I continued west past the Red Wind Desert. Just a bit more and I would find a way to reach DibClark.


“He has some information for you and he would not tell me.”


What could it be that he could not tell to Samy? Something didn’t sound right. But if DibClark said that he couldn’t tell him then he must have had a reason. Either way I was quite anxious to find out.


As I entered the inner parts of Idaloran City I could see Hugues chatting with a local named Decebal. He belonged to a clan of people that were much unknown. But I knew Decebal quite a bit. He was friends with a old friend of mine named Stragothemad.


We called him ol' Strago for short. He really was quite mad I will tell you. As a matter of fact myself, Strago and Decebal sat here in Idaloran waiting to fight off a red dragon rumored to be around this area. Strago liked to drink quite a bit. I think that he had made friends with Tankel just to have access to his crate of wine that never seemed to empty no matter how much they drank.


Myself and Decebal were to the north-east of Samuel’s Herbs flower shop. Strago said that he was going to stop at the local storage center but we knew that his flask had gone as dry as a skeletons bone. We laughed as he scampered off to give Termopan a small fortune of gold coin.


Termopan ran the local tavern. I can’t really say much about Termopan. He is a loner. The quiet barkeep that didn’t bother to say a word even when a local drunkard pissed in his cactus. Termopan just looked at the man with his dead stare and continued to dry the pale that he used to stock his ice box.


Gold coin was the most important thing to this man. Termopan loved to collect feathers of the hawk. It was told that he had a collection of them numbering in the millions. Although coming from the word of Prattler makes you think that it might really be in the one hundred thousands.


Either way no one person complained of his high prices and ol' Strago was happy to pay as long as lips stayed moist with the rotten fruit.


“Hello there Termopan.” said Strago with a slight slur.


He received the usual blank stare although this time he had his greedy hand out. Termopan knew exactly what ol' Strago wanted and filled his order quickly. Strago licked his lips in antisipation of the taste. He took the five now full flask and placed them in a prepared safekeeping and quickly walked outside.


Strago rounded the corner and threw himself backwards, landed on his ass and leaned against the rock he was near. He took a big gulp that almost emptied half the flask and felt his entire body move.




“That’s fantastic wine!” yelled Strago.


Just as he yelled he felt the ground move around him. He spun around to see the most unpleasant of sights. He had stumbled across during his drunken stupor nothing more than the giant red dragon.


The dragon spun around and took interest at Strago. Strago turned tail and ran all the way back to us. Once he reached us he fell and broke two of his flask that he tried to hide so well. Unknown to us that there was a dragon headed our direction me and Hugues laughed very hard at mad ol’ Strago.


“Hello Decebal and Hugues.” I said.


“Where is ol’ Strago off too?” I continued.


“He is at the tavern of course!” Yelled Decebal.


So here I stood along side two allies and told them the story of my father and my mission for Mortos. They listened quietly in shock and asked if they could help in any way.


“I need for you to have Strago talk to Termopan and ask him if he can take them feathers he has and turn them into arrows for me.” I started.


“I will pay him more than he deserves for them of course and will you please ask him to have them delivered to Elf Girl as soon as possible.” I said with haste.


“I will do that.” said Decebal.


I turned to Hugues and asked him where I could find DibClark and he informed me that he gone to the tavern in Thelinor. He was dropping off an order of fruit for a clan called Defenders of Anarchism. They were an unruly group that liked to kill for sport. Well against the code of eGow.


“Well then Decebal lets gather ol’ Strago up and go meet DibClark.” I said.


“Ok Paul let me get suited up and well go.” Decebal replied.


We went off to the tavern and took ol’ Strago with us as we used teleport rings to enter the dangerous lands of Thelinor. Knowing the whole time there would be a fight to the death at the local tavern there...




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Love this story so far... I just finished reading the Harry Potter series... had to wait for each new book to come out.


Now I have to sit and wait for your next story to come out! Damn you PaulB!!!! LOL

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Once in Thelinor we headed into the direction of the North Garrison. We moved with haste. I was anxious to talk to DibClark but also knew I would have a battle to face first if guild DoA was there. They had been an enemy guild to us for many years.


As we got to the entrance of the tavern we all stopped and made sure we were well equipped for the task at hand. I cannot say that I had been to the tavern here many times. Most people did not bother to come here because of the danger that lurks from Fort Marsh.


Many times my guild eGow were sent this way to save some drunk local who wandered here and got confronted by the Desert Chimeran that roamed this land. There had even been word of a hill giant that roamed around. Who was to say if the giant was here? I think anyone that would have seen it would not live to tell the story.


“I am ready when you are.” said ol’ Strago with a hiccup to follow.


“We must be strong and fight smart.” I replied as we approached the doors.


We entered the tavern prepared to battle that very moment. To our surprise there were quite a few patrons here and they seemed to be arguing with someone at a table in the back. The table was surrounded by many DoA members. They didn’t see us. They were too busy yelling at the man at the table. I wondered who it was that they were yelling at.


“Stop right there!” yelled a voice from our right.


It was Malaca the local package boy from Zirakinbar. He talked much tougher than he actually was. It had surprised me that he was even here.


“Malaca why not go deliver me some wine.” said Strago.


As this was said the table in the back got quiet and we noticed DoA look our way. It was then that I noticed the man sitting in the chair. It was an old friend of mine named Rajunrednekk. We had fought a few battles together during the great battle of Arius. I remembered it clearly in my mind as he walked over our way with DoA lurking close behind him.


“Stay out of this Rajunrednekk!” Malaca said with fear in his voice.


Just as Malaca said this Rajun got that look in his eyes that were familiar to many that knew him. With one swift motion Rajun equipped his orc slayer and took Malaca's head off.


The entire tavern watched as his head rolled, with open eyes, to the nearest corner and rested there. At that exact moment the reaming part of his body fell lifeless to the floor with a few giant spurts of blood from his freshly cut neck.


“How dare you do that!” Yelled Cissysauce.


Cissysauce was a great female fighter. She had ended the lives of many men who thought she was weak. They did not realize that she was highly skilled in magic. She was followed closely by the well known warrior Robotbob. Once said to have killed five yeti without having to heal made him well feared by young fighters. I had learned that his bark was much stronger than his bite if you allow the expression.


“I am going to kill you all.” Said Cissysauce as she approached with Robotbob.


The battle started with a giant clash in the middle of the tavern. I took aim for Cissysauce with Strago as Rajunrednekk and Decebal focused on Robotbob.


“Someone save me a drink!” Yelled Strago before he clashed with Cissysauce.


She came directly for me with her sharp dragonblade in hand. She was highly skilled and I knew I would have to be careful with her. She quickly cast a harm spell on me and almost knocked me to the floor as she took a swing at Strago. I stood my ground and cast magic immunity like I should have done before the battle started. I ate one of my health potions to revive my life.


With a quick swing of the blade I caught her arm and noticed the blood start to flow from the open wound. Strago took key and cut her leg why she eyed her attack on me. She was hurt. Again she tried to cast harm on me but failed. With a shocked look on her face I made my next strike with haste.


“I will not let you hurt us!” I yelled.


Taking a fast step toward her I shined the glare of the light through my cutlass at her eyes. She was stunned. I quickly took a summon stone from my sack and cast a white tiger to help destroy her. The tiger was strong and I knew he could help greatly.


The tiger took a strong swing at Cissysauce as Strago swung at her with his jagged saber. He connected with her arm and cut a huge piece clean off. For a second blood did not even begin to flow from the fresh wound.


She dropped her dragonblade and tried to teleport out but as she did I took aim and sliced her fingers off. They fell to the floor along with her teleport ring. The tiger struck quick and sank his teeth into her throat. She fell to the ground with the weight of the tiger bearing down on her.


I could see the blood dripping from the tigers mouth while it was connected to her throat. I picked up her dragonblade and lifted it high above my head. I brought it down on her face with fierce power. As the blade passed through her skull I could feel the sharp tip stick into the wood underneath her. I knew that the great warrior Cissysauce was no more.


Both I and Strago turned to see how the battle with Rajun and Decebal was going and noticed that Rajun had the head of Robotbob already sitting in the corner with Malacas. He was sitting down next to them preparing a fire with branches and a fire essences from his sack.


I knew that Rajunrednekk was well known as the head hunter and he believed that he received the power from his enemies if he burned there dead heads.


I took a look to the back to see if Progress and Stricken were there but they must have fled in fear for there lives.


“I am going to head downstairs to talk to DibClark.” I said.


As I walked to the back to find Dib I could hear ol’ Strago ask for the wine he had asked someone to save for him. This battle had ended and it was time now to talk to Dib and save my family...




Edited by Paul Brown

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yes i agree it should be a movie! im not a big reader but this is very interesting and i cant wait for the next chapter. keep up the great work as always!!! :happy::hehe:

Edited by ShoDoKaN

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nice .. that would be funny if it got published =)


It wouldn't, has too many inconsitencies with actual EL characters (and you can't include players in official stories).


It's a nice read for far. Good fanfiction.

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As I made my way down the old wooden staircase I noticed how much cleaner the basement had been compared to the tavern itself. I could not see a single item laying on the floor and it smelled of fermenting fruit. A smell that would drive ol’ Strago mad if I brought him with me.


Sitting in the middle of the room down here was a beautiful wood table that was large enough to sit a small army. I was aware that many secret meetings went on in this room. There was also a ice box near the wall normally used to keep the drinks cold but had gone dry as desert sand for some unknown reason.


I reached the door to the back office knowing that DibClark would be sitting down on the other side counting his gold. His business had become quite profitable over the years only because he worked very hard. I had often wondered when I was younger if the man had actually gotten sleep on a regular basis but never asked.


Even as I knocked on the door I knew I would not ask him that very question. Not because I was not interested but because I had a few more important questions that needed answers.


“Come on inside.” Responded Dib from the opposite side of the door.


As I opened the door I felt a bit of relief that I was finally here to talk to Dib. DibClark was sitting in the chair that sat behind the desk and he was doing just as I suspected, counting his coin. There was a huge pile of the circle chips laid out across the wooden surface.


DibClark stood and extended his hand to shake mine. I could see the look of concern in his face. He must have been aware of the situation that I was in. I shook his hand and tried to ask him how his business was going but he shot me a look that was sharp as a spear and told me that the information he had was more important than how he was doing.


“Now Paul I need for you to listen to me well.” DibClark started.


“The teleport portal that lies in your room was placed there by me.” He said.


“Where does it lead too and what purpose does it serve me?” I asked with a puzzled tone.


Dib told me that the teleport portal led the way to a secret area in Isle of the Forgotten. I had been to the Isle of the Forgotten and knew not of what he spoke. How secret was this place? Was anyone else aware of it? Why did DibClark know of the place? So many questions went through my head but I asked the only one that mattered.


“What am I to do there?” I asked.


“When you reach the end of the dangerous tunnels you will find a statue.” Said DibClark.


As he said this he handed me three potions. They were potions that I did not recognize. The clear tubes had a glowing green substance inside of them. I took these three items and placed them in my sack.


“When you reach the statue you will need to pour two of the three vials into the statue.” He said.


“Now pay attention well Paul because this is most important.” Said DibClark.


He explained that I would have to empty the first vial into the left eye of the statue. Then taking the second potion and pouring it into the right eye of the statue. Dib explained that after pouring the second potion into the statue I was to cast a Sslessar stone and feed the potion to the summon.


“Now do not be scared Paul.” DibClark said.


“I cannot tell you what will happen next but be at ease.” He finished.


Handing me a bag full of teleport rings knowing I would need them Dib sent me on my way. I quickly ran back up the stairs and into the tavern.


The floor was puddled with the blood of my fallen enemies but I did not care. I walked right through the blood and headed to the bar where ol’ Strago, Decebal and Rajunrednekk stood sharing some wine to celebrate there latest victory.


“We need to head to Palon Vertas.” I said.


I quickly went through the bag of rings and placed one each in my allies hands. With all three of us using the rings at the same time we left the tavern behind us and went to my homeland. We ran to my house passing the destroyed rosebush. A thought of what happened there made me sick to my stomach as the anger grew inside my body.


Entering my house we went up the stairs and to my bedroom. There in all the mystery that followed it was the teleport portal I longed to take. Without hesitation I walked onto the portal with my allies and prepared to start my quest for Mortos. There was no turning back now and I would not allow for anymore interruptions.


It was now time to visit this statue and see what was to happen...




Edited by Paul Brown

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Been busy with RL, and away from paulB back the real server. (obsessed with pk server) but I finally read the story.


Good work, I hope you add me in as some really cool guy, that, um, I dunno, ends up being the hero or something....




j/k, good story :fire:



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