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Shader system alpha tester needed

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I am searching for people who want to try the shader system for el and give me feed back ;). It is not well tested, so it could destroy your house or eat your cat. There could be problems with 32 bit architectures and/or big-endian architectures, with single or multiple core cpus, with different graphic cards and divers etc.


The reason why I didn't put it in cvs is the size of the images needed for the tests and because it is not fully integrated into el. At the moment, it use only some parts of el, like el_file, load_gl_extensions and some xml stuff. If there is any interest, I could put it in cvs or make an archive. I also can provide binaries for 64 bit linux and 32 bit linux


Some features are:

  • Background loading of images
  • dds file format for 1d, 2d, 3d and cube map textures with and without texture compression, custom mipmap levels
  • xml based configuration of textures, shaders and materials.
  • Support for opengl 2.1, npot textures, 3d textures, cube maps, rect textures, texture compression and more
  • Optional support for c++ tr1 shared_ptr and unordered_map. Now boost multi_index with unique hash index is used.
  • Support for custom mipmap levels (only for dds texture files at the moment)
  • Support for maximum mipmap level
  • Light manager with hashed voxel grid is used.

Drawbacks and things that are not done till now:

  • Only glsl shaders are supported, no support for arb vertex or fragment programms
  • Resource managment is not complete, no unloading a the moment
  • Light manager is not complete
  • No float point texture support
  • No support for maximum mipmap level
  • Support for render target textures (like shadow maps) is not ready
  • poor documantation

You need the boost library to build the programs, because the boost shared_ptr and multi_index templates are used and the boost test library is used for the unit testing. The make file in the tests dir builds the following programs:

  • tools, a xsd builder for the schema used to validate the resource xml files for the shader system
  • tests, an unit testing program to test some functions and objects of the shader system. It should run on any graphic card, because it don't use opengl.
  • gl_tests, a program using the shader system to some texture loading & drawing and shows some shaders in action. This program needs at least opengl 2.0 and texture compression support to run.

Possible features for the future:

  • Support for OpenEXR files
  • Support for jpeg2000 through openjpeg
  • Support for 16 bit pngs through libpng
  • Support for calculation in the xml files for shader parameters using boost spirit
  • Editors for the xml resource files

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