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The Dark Warlock

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Hear ye hear ye

Bold, brave and foolhardy heroes needed to challenge the might of a fearsome warlock.


I am preparing a role play that will likely take a long time to complete.

We are looking for 12 players to participate in the event. Experienced and new role players are welcome.

Would you like the chance to join in?


If you are interested I ask that you send me a forum pm of your characters background…

You can use your in game character name or make a new one up for this event, which will be entirely done on the forums.

Backgrounds should include

The type of character you will be playing name race and the type of person he is.

These characters can be simple farmers, merchants, a bandit, a young wizards apprentice or members of a city guard anything you can think of with the following in mind.

They are normal citizens of Draia none are powerful warriors or highly trained spell casters they are prime examples of the not so common man.


We will choose the 12 best backgrounds we receive to brave the perils and possibly save our world from the clutches of evil. The chosen dozen will be posted here when it is decided.

Last day to receive entries:december, 14th 2007 New closing Date is 31st of Jan 2008

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As its after christmas and the holiday season and hopefully people have a little more spare time to particiapte.

I will be trying again to get this event up and running.


So if anyone wants to participate please forum pm me your characters backgrounds. As described above.


Those that have already sent me one.

They have been saved but if you wish to write another please feel free to do so.


New closing Date is 31st of Jan 2008


(edited the first post to adjust for this)

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