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CoolCat's novel

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posted by: DrtyCMunk

Written by: CoolCat


Chapter 1


Walking through a beautiful medow speckeled with with perfect blue

orcids. There is one huge tree that seems to have been there even

before there was dirt. The tree gives off a greenish glow in the

moonlight the bark never touched by a living being has what looks

to be like faces of past rulers of Dao. Then there's me, the cat,

the stealthy one, the sly. Strong? No. Powerful? Yes. Sitting under

the tree I ponder, long gray hair blowing in the calm breeze, white

shirt and pants neatly cleaned every day, leather boots polished

day by day too. Skin black as night to blend in with just that.

Seeing something in the distance jumping to and frow I stand

drawing a stick from the ground. The luminess green glow from the

stick alows sight of the creature. A RABBIT! Ha ha to think I was

scared...I mean suspicious of a tresspasser, anyway... The

embaressment of this keeps me from reasoning or at least reading

its now visable name "fluffy rabbit" as i rose the stick I wispered

" If only you could live I would allow it but...well I can't." My

stick hit with a loud CRACK! But not on the rabbit on the ground.

"NOOOOO!" I screeched inhumanly. "YOU MUST DIE!" Enraged and

thick-headed I chased the furry creature pure as snow into the

darkness. Finally I corner it in an old tomb. "Worry not powerless

rabbit your death will be swift and--ARRGG!!! AHHH THE PAIN"

I shouted, as someting attacked me from the back. Droping the

stick and falling to the ground I saw my attacker...or attackers.

6-7 fluffies plus the one I was going to kill had jumped on me and

bit deep into my flesh spraying the tomb walls with blood. I stood

fluffies still jumping and biteing me cause me to fall and open an

old coffen. As it opened I saw a huge black shadow darker than night

itself ram through me and out of the antque doors of the tomb. As it

passed through my body and fluffies I felt sick and dying, the

rabbits droped to the ground all dead. I looked around the tomb

now seeing to hyroglifics I read them. "All who enter must pay a

price of bloodshed or else not be of safe passage but, be warned

if thow is to let me stroll the land again they must take my place"

as I looked up I saw the door closeing I ran through the door

almost loseing my leg. A shout from were I do not know from which

it came I do not know said " I will get you cooolcat5 and you will

pay the ultimate price for what you have done!" Scared I called

to justmental "ummm... I did something baaad...


Chapter Two...


I slowly walked back up to the magnificent tree looking to and frow.

I backed up to it and rested my head on its soft bark. As I tended to

my bleeding wounds and nearly broken leg I heard Justy walking towards

me. "C5 what did you do this time? I swear if *co* is after you again

I won't hide you this time."Justmental said.

"Well I got attacked by fluffies, lost a fare amount of blood,

unleashed a old evil over the world, and might have broken a bone

in my leg." I wined

"WHAT! old evil!!! Do you mean luciferx?!?!?"

"I guess, thanks for the concern about me though..."

"lemme' see...Baa tiz just a flesh wound."

"Good gosh Is this going to be a day were life just

keeps punching you in the face?"

"Pfft... not my face yours..."

"Well at any rate I don't want to be alone until that...thing...is gone."

"I can't stick around and protect you because you think you *Might* be getting chased.

In fact you should stay away from the toadstools."

"Haha Justy do you do stand up in your spare time?"

"No. But I can assign someone to protect you."

"Oh thank Unolas! Who?"

"Well Jvg owes me his soul...You can borrow him."

"Ok when will he be getting here?"

"Right now I got to go now just shout if you need me." And with that he vanished into the bright light of a teleportal.

"WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" someone in the sky shouted.

As I looked up Jvg, in full dragon armor and a dragon blade in hand, hit the ground with a loud and sort of satisfiying *THUD!*.

"So, Jvg you took the express?"

His helm was ascue so I couldn't see much of his face but I could tell he was smiling.

Jvg answered in a low but loud "Yea Justy said it was importent and explained it to me."

"Well I have to go to Unolas's temple to make an offering."

"Ok you lead C5."

We saw Ayla on the way talking to some guy named Raindragon said hi and kept walking.

As we were nearing the castile a shadow hit Jvg knocking him to the ground. He reasured me he was fine but I didn't beleive him.

I took his helm off and saw his pich black eyes. He was being taken over by the ghost! His skin started to turn a deep red and he

was starting to sprout horns when I shouted JUSTYYYYYY!!!!!!


Chapter 3


I glowerd in horor as Jvg sprouted horns and spikes that complimented his rock hard scales that were a deep red and looked as if they were coated in blood,

I realized that I had seen this creature before, he was a red dragon!!! I watched as my one protector raised his large spiked tail ready to swing.

As I backed up I hit something hard, I relized it was a tree, quickly I threw my body to the left just before the tail met the tree.

As the tail hit it burst the tree into many splinters some of which cut deep into my skin.

I was siting there catching my breath when I noticed a bright light in the sky soon to crash nearby and a monster jaw aimed for me.

The light crashed with a bright explosion and distracted the dragon which I decided was no longer even Jvg.

That crash was Justy responding to my call for help. I felt releved at this sight. He pulled out his eagle wing and raised it at the dragon.

As I watched I forgot about the tail. It hit true and knocked me out.

I woke to see Justy still battleing Jvg as I watched Jvg hit Justy's sword and it flew out of his hand and into a tree with the blade sticking out.

I pulled out the dagger of my decendants and hid it in my palm. I swiftly jumped onto the dragons back and held fast. I slashed his neck and he jerked his tail at

Justy who whent flying into a tree...but not any tree...the tree with his sword.

He screamed in pain as blood flowed freely from his chest where he was impailed by his own sword.

I leaped from the dragon and ran to Justy's side we both knew what would happen...


Chapter 4


Slowly waves of blood flowed out of this monster of a wound. Though I knew he would die I was casting spell after spell trying to mend this cursed wound.

I was feeling light headed as I was runing out of magic. He pushed me away and wispered "stop..."

"I won't let you die, not by my fault!!!"

"I'm gonna die wether or not you pass out at loss of magic."

"No! You can't die not here not by your own sword!" Tears were streaming down my face.

"Before I die I need you to do something for me..."

"WHAT!!! I'll do anything" I cryied

"I need you to give this to Cyber..."

He showed me a gold plated tag that read: "Justmental owner of The Great Guild Dao." As he handed it to me it changed and now read:

"CoOoLCaT5 messenger of The Great Guild Dao. Justy this is amazing! Justy...."

There would be no response. I turned away in fear, I had never seen a person dead... I saw something worse though...jvg, in dragon form, was flying off as I realized you can't kill a ghost. But there was better things to do. I riped Justy's sword out of the tree and him. I put it into my bag and threw his body over my side.

As I was walking I saw coooldog5 and asked if he would help me get to the Dao Monistary graveyard he agreed and we eventually got there and dug a grave.

As we lowered him into the hole we wondered if anyone would have came if invited... We decided to have a service after we took care of luciferx.

We filled the grave and I put his sword into the freshly turned soil. As I did this a large spirit like tiger jumped out from the filled hole.

He was free to wander not a care in his mind. We agreed to sleep till the morning and then find Cyber.




I woke quite happily to a bright sky thinking I had been dreaming...But Coooldog5 was next to me, my once most valued boots were tarnished and bloody,

my shirt and pants torn, and my back was still filled with splinters. But I still had the deed to Dao and therefore had to get up. Cd5(Coooldog5) was still asleep

and was usually hard to wake so I threw a large rock at him.

"OWWWW! Whats your problem!?!?!?!?!?" he shouted.

"I think the list would be shorter if you asked what isn't your problem" I said "but if you really want to know th..."

He cut me off, "I get it drama queen, can we go?"

"Yea I think Cyber is...Hmmmm...in the...WS Diamond mine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, positive."


"Cuz I just PMed him."

"Well lets go." he said and slung his bagged armor and weapons over his shoulder and we were off.

It was a long walk to WS so we brought lots of meat, bread, and cheeze.

I was walking slightly faster than Cd5 and coulden't see him. As I turned to check if he was still there I heard a muffled shout.

He was still there but there was a sword being held to his neck. I had seen this sword before...It was made of a lumines black steel that must have been enchanted long ago because it seemed to absorb light...In fact I was very familiar with this sword...Because it was my sword.

The person holding the sword was also very familiar because it was me...Kind of it was mirror me 5TaCLoOoC.

I reached for my sword till I noticed that it wasn't a copy in his hand it was MY sword. I was very angry he had always been my enemy.

Then he did the worst thing that could ever be done to me. He sliced straight through his neck. He was my last living realitive and my responsibility to care for.

He grabed me and through me to the ground.

"I hope you like fire because there is lots where your going theres lots."He taunted

"Ok...I don't care any more..."

"Oh your no fun are you... Don't you hate me, don't you want me dead?"


His head was instantly sliced off and his blood started to spurt all over me. His body fell to the side and I saw her...She was Beautiful her hair was a

dark brown and slightly curly. She had beautiful green/gray eyes and a delicate face. She was not the tallest but she was the prettiest.

"Wh-wh-whats y-your name?" I stuttered

"Casey" She said

Suddenly a transparent dog appeared and took Dao's deed out of my hands. As much as I wanted to stay I had to get the deed so I took off.

Finnally the dog stoped at a cave. As it turned I recognized it as Cd5! More spacificly his soul. It droped the deed and took off into the woods.

I picked it up and found Cyber and Temos in the cave. Once they found out that Justy had died we ran back to the monistary and called all of Dao to the grave.

We all went into the castle and talked. I pulled Cyber out and told him what happened and gave him the deed. Then I heard a very welcome guest...

Jvg and luciferx Cyber shouted to Angil and Melis to get the doors he told DrtyChipMunk, Temos, Csiga, Slavia, and Amx to go to the barracks and grab

all the weapons and armor and bring it to the front line. Then he asked Me, Piscator, Kara, leetay and Michel to come with him to try and kill Jvg.

We ran outside and started to slice at the dragon. We were all tosed back...the equipment had been carried so everyone else joined in after getting the stuff.

Then a terrible thing happened The dragon blew a burst of fire instantly killing all but Cyber, Pisc and I. Pisc held the dragon off for a while before getting eaten.

"CC I want you to take this..." Cyber was dieing.

"No! I can't, why not someone else? I could take it to anyone you want..."

"Because you have something no one else has...Luck.

"I am not lucky..."

"Yes you are how else have you survived all this time CC?"


"Y-Y-y-y-yes...T-t-t-t-take..." And he died from all his earlier burns.

I took the deed and it changed Bla-Bla-Bla...The dragon started to walk towards me, I ran to my tree the tree that was my old post where I kept all of Dao safe.

A new face had appeared on the tree...My face...It gave me an idea. I triped and fell into the tree. As the dragon aproched me I wimpered.

He started to change back to Jvg. He was a zombie no flesh on him was not rotten.

"I will let you live if you hand over Dao." He said in a gastly voice.

I cowered at his feet as I said "Y-y-y-y-yes sure here take it!" I threw it at him. The tree changed with the deed.

As my face turned into a knot a zombie/dragon face apeared. I started to stand. He stabed me and impaled me on the tree.

"Ha! You thought I was going to keep my word?" He shouted

"No...But I wanted a new leader so I could do this!" I thrust my sword into his face on the glowing tree.

I had spend my life guarding that tree, and I was the one who destroyed it and Dao in the process?...Anyway...As the sword went deeper and deeper he screemed louder and louder. Then It all ended it just stoped...It was dark I was alone and forever damed having to take luciferx's place in the tomb till I am found.


And that is how Dao and all its members was destroyed.

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