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Goal: 27,500/250,000gc ( 11% )




You can order up to 5k of anything in this section, unless otherwise marked.



Blue Star-Cotton .5gc

Daffodils-Dandelions 1gc

Poison Ivy-Tree Mushrooms 1.5gc



Sulfur 2gc

Coal 2gc

Any Quartz 1.5gc

Any Gem 3gc



Iron 3gc

Silver 2gc

Gold 3gc

Titanium 2.5gc



More skills and harvestables to be added soon, keep checking back.



1. 5k Iron...Stone...15,000gc

2. 5k Silver...EvilMangoPie...10,000gc



1. 5k Sapphires...Dekke...15,000gc(Worked on by ShadowOfLegend)

2. 5k Cotton...Extrapolation...2,500gc(Boognish)

3. 5k Cotton...DevilDog03...2,500gc


Orders Finished

1. 4k Sulfur...St_Arcane...8,000gc(Worked on by Henker)

2. 5k Sapphires...Molime...15,000gc(Worked on by Boognish)

3. 5k Gold...Annatira...15,000gc(Worked on by Henker)



*As I am busy with these, anybody who would like to claim any of these is welcome to do so, just send me a pm, or tell if im offline telling me your doing so (with the item, quanity, and who its for)*

Edited by ShadowOfLegend

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5k cotton please! ;) Is it 5k max on one item or 5k total? If I could get 5k blue quartz and 5k sapphires too, that would be great!


XenaMT :P

Edited by XenaMT

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Um, can I order 2k Iron ore?

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Oh, sorry then :) Um maybe post that at the top of your first post? As that's all I read, and I am sure that's all most people would read. Hope you start back up soon! Goodluck!

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