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Some words about magic. (and a bit about summoning too!)

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welcome :D


The current state of magic: Near useless in combat Useless in pk maps.


There are many reasons why its just not working and I will try to address them as best I can.

1)clumsy: magic is very un dependable when you get into a combat situation, the main reason is because of the Spell Failed! variable.

situation: it is fixed if you are one of the 10 people with masters cape.

the current market has risen the cape to a level of about 10-15 million. the reason for this is that it is only dropped by cyclops.(strongest monster in teh game) a doom cloak however is only 1-5 million because it is dropped by ogre.


2)the window: the magic window takes up a large part of the screen, and since you have to be fast and accurate with your mouse to target an enemy, this hinders your ability.

suggestion: ability to re-size the window OR add quick use spells.


3)essences: i agree compleatly with the essences EXCEPT that it makes no sense

suggesstion: have it so that if you are 5-10 magic levels above that spell you can cast without the required essences.(5-10 was pulled out of my ass, but it is actually kind of accurate)


4) ethereal points drain: since there is a life drain spell why not an eth drain spell :D (to make it MUCH more useful say it takes ALL the targets mana)


5)staffs: these are the weapon of the mage are they not?

suggestion: there are two unused staff files in the md2 folder, ONE should be for

magic (say, +5 to magic lv and no failure rate)and one for

(same stats as tit long and steel shield)

summoning (+5 to summoning no failures)

(same stats as tit long and steel shield)


6) to fix the masters cape problem:

i would suggest making it so that cape works with manu, alch, pots, and (crafting when its added???) only



thank you for reading this and please post sugg./comments

and entropy, roja. i know your working on it, so i hope you take in to consideration these ideas.

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1) Nobody takes a master cape in a PK map unless ur acting silly. The real problem with magic in combat is that its slow to cast and u cannot switch to a different spell quickly.


2)its not very big but it is annoying u have to put the sigils in correct order a click on spell would be useful


3)So when u want to level up u take a spell 5-10 levels below u and just mind rest pots and no essences? Perhaps instead of multiple different essence use just 1 sort of essence which stacks like the ones we have now and each spell takes a different amount of it. <- Dont really like that idea personally


4)sure why not :)




6)master cape for manu? i thought u wanted to see the economy improve too? I dont know exactly where but the master cape will change.

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