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~Newb Basic Commands~

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Hey everyone, Sam3773, your local newb helper, here to give you a few tips:



To change the settings in-game like the resolution, and the clouds, click the last icon at the bottom of the screen (the settings button).



When you join the game, you will automaticly be in the Newb Help channel (#jc 1), to leave the channel type #lc, to talk in a channel type @Message, to join a channel type #jc then the channel number, e.g. #jc 1.


Abuse and rule breaking

If you see another player in-game breaking the rules, please type #abuse then the situation e.g. #abuse spammerboy is spamming.



To take a quest please see the wraith, he is to the north-East of the camp fire in Isla Prima.


Manufactoring, potion, summoning and alchemy

To manufactor something, go onto the website, and look at what you can do at your current level, then see what you need to make it and but the items, once you have them, open the manufactoring/summoning/alchemy/potion menu (the 3rd icon from the right) and mix the ingredients in.



At beggining level, you can only kill a rabbit, you may di a few times before you kill a rabbit but its all part of the process :D, to kill something just move the mouse of it and it should come up with a image of a sword, just click then and you should attack it.



To do cirtain spells you need the sigils, once you purchase sigils, they will stay in your magic window forever and they last forever, you also need essences, they can only be used once, to see what sigils and essences you need, look on the website, once you have them, open the magic window and put the sigils that you need for that spell into the window and click on the cast spell.



When you are on newb island, Raven will ask you to harvest her some red snapdragons, they are the red flowers behind her, when you try and click on them, it may say "Harvest failed" all this means is that yout miss rate for that item is high at the moment, but keep trying, you will succeed. Your food level affects your Miss rate. There is also a "Harvest cap" and that means that after you harvest a cirtain amount of items in an in game hour you wont get any more expirience, harvesting is the only thing that has a cap on.



When you reach level 30 in a skill you can then wear the cape of that skill, and every cape is a different colour and they all do a different thing, for example the harvesting cape raises the amount of things you can harvest before the cap kicks in.


Food and Health

When you die your health will be very low so you will need to get that back up, this can be done in one of 2 ways, 1 is to drink a potion, and the 2nd is to eat food, food can be baught from a tavern or general store. To eat it, click the pointing finger and then click on the food.



The main way to move between maps in Eternal-Lands is the boat system, to use this just walk onto a boat and click the banner on the boat.



To enter a cave or cavern, walk under the entrance and move your mouse over the rocks on the door entill the curser changes into a door, then click and you will be beamed to another place.



Press the tab key on your keyboard to see the current map you are on, the blue cross on the map is your current positon, hit tab again to get out of it.


Armour and weapons

To purchase a weapon or armour, go to a blacksmiths and pay for one, they add defence and damage to your current fightning skills.


Pick up and drop items

To pick up and drop items in your inventory, open your inventory (7th icon from the left) then click the droping icon (3rd icon from left) then click on what you want to drop, to pick up, click on abag you find on a floor and your inventory and the things in the bag should automaticly open then you just click what you want to drop or pick up.



The console shows a log of all the things you've heard since you've been offline, to get into it hit the ` button or F1, to navagate in the console press the up and down arrows, or page up and page down arrows.


To Pm

To pm in game type /name message e.g. /sam3773 hey, if someone else has sent you a pm you only have to type //message.


~This is the basic commands in the game, there are more here, http://el.owns.it

Or for the latest stratagys and tips click here, www.eternal-lands.net have fun playing Eternal-Lands :D ~

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Guest Guest
the wraith is in north-east IP. u wrote north west

heh, drought quest has same sense of misdirection (we're told Tankel's house is NW - when it's actually NE)...and bad spelling :P

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