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Harvestables for sale!

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5k branches-0.5gc each (2.5k all) SOLD

1k swamp candles-0.5gc each (500gc all) SOLD

3k white asiatic lilly-0.5gc each (1.5k all)SOLD

1k ogre toes-1.5gc each (1.5k all)SOLD

5k mums-0.5gc each (2.5k all)SOLD

10k blue star flower-0.5gc each (5k all)SOLD

2k mugwort-1gc each (2k all)SOLD

5k sunflower-0.5gc each (2.5k all)SOLD

1k toadstool-1gc each (1k all)SOLD

1k gold ore-2gc each (2k all)SOLD

1k rubies-3gc each (3k all)SOLD

1k rose quartz-1gc each (1k all)SOLD

3k sulphur-1.5gc each (4.5k all)SOLD

130 gypsum-8gc each (1040gc all)SOLD

3k diamond-3gc each (9k all)SOLD


Other stuff:

3k maigic ess-7gc each (21k all)SOLD

3k fire ess-3.5gc each (4.5k all)SOLD

20 polished diamond-35gc each (700gc all)SOLD

23 polished emerald-14gc each (322gc all)SOLD

68 iron bar-30gc each (2040gc all)SOLD

8 matter conglomerate-700gc each (5600gc all)SOLD


Interested buyers pls post here, (no pms!)you will be answered in order of post. If you are not available at the time I pm you, the next interested party will be contacted. (I am not online during the weekends)




this post will be edited as items are sold or added to.

Edited by miz_meek

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