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it's boring when serpent is most powerful weapon in game and all ppl use this cuz that.. u can do something about that... like:



Damage: +19

To hit: +8

Defence: +4

all "point" is 31 = 19 + 8 + 4


so can make some axe with this skills:

Damage: +23

To hit: +8

Defense: +0

all "point" is 31 = 23 + 8 + 0

that axe probably will use players who have high defense and low attack (u can take 2 points of attack and put it on hit)

btw i think u can easly make axe, it not hard ;-)


and u can put other similar points for other weapons, that will be more fun to see that players use and others weapon for PKing...







And we should to know what vitality (ok for that we know already) and instict do. I mean why i want to incrase my instict if i dont know what it do? u should tell us cuz it's inanity if we dont know.. btw i think instict have some stuff with attack :P


Maybe this was but i want ask again :P

what exactly attack, combat and defense do?

attack - to make more damage ?

combat - to hit ?

def - ? harder to hit? or only absorb?


Maybe u should put that stuff (armor, shield, pants, boots, medalion) have and defense (harder to hit) no only absorb...

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omfg even more damage. .. i think if we get new weapons which are better than the tit serp we need to decrease the damage of all the other weapons because otherwise you will kill somebody with one hit xD

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I see were FreeZy is headed at, and I can't agree more.


As far as I know there is only 2 types of weapons (staffs excluded), hammer and sword. (if there is more; guess I have more to explore still)


We should add axes, and 2-handed versions of the three types. And for god sake balance. There should not be 1 weapon to outmatch them all.


I play a dwarf for an instance .. I shouldn't feel that I have to wield a sword, if I want the best weapon. I should be able to choose a serpent WarAxe and still feel that my weapon isn't worser than that serpent sword. And vice-versa .. the noble human shouldn't feel that his serpent sword is worse than the barbaric Serpent WarAxe. Even if their properties is slight different. ..... I DON'T FEEL THAT I HAVE ANY CHOICE OF MY OWN


It's way to onesided as it is now .. please, more variety .. I'm sure there's many out there who shares the same thoughts as I.


--- Edited some typos ----

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i agree with nalin.... more weapon sorts..... staves rods axes maybe even BOWS :P or trowing knifes :(


but dont make 1 weapon 2 be the strongest..... make like 100 weapons and make 10 of those almost equaly strong :P

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i think a axe is a great idea, i said one should be added already but i guess no one say it :) but we need one yes as good as the serp but, also one lower like... a mid skilled weopen, say just lower then the steal 2 edge 8)




*alderan check's dictionary for "worser"* ummm... i dont mean too sound like an english teacher or anything, but... worser?

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