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To be honest, I actually wish the story was longer. Vlasian gets involved in so many stories that have a lot of depth, like the political feud between Idaloran and Irsis, the conflict between Akuen and Mishisan -- both the towns and the ancient brothers (which I loved as an idea), the Tear of Sedicolis and The Voice of Palon (the powers and separation of those is a story unto itself) -- it's like the story of Vlasian is a way to tell large parts of the history of Irilion. I actually thought it would make a good story cycle, like a Vlasian series.

like acelon said :P


I also enjoyed the idea of Selain playing with the fates and politics of Irilion's people through this "chosen child" of his. Is Vlasian a son of Selain (maybe literally)? I thought he might be, without knowing it, obviously. I wish we had seen more of Selain in the story, or heard more about Selain's plots against the people of the other gods.

I never really decided who Vlasian's father was or how vlasian was concieved, but i definately don't see Vlasian being Selain's son. Selain just wants to use Vlasian to achieve his goals, and an orphan boy growing up in a decent sized city with a good amount of crime could produce the sort of servant Selain was after


Selain is most certainly my favorite EL god, and I would have loved to have written more into the story about him, but its Vlasian's story not Selain's. And the gods must retain some air of mystery :P


Between this and your other story, I really have to say your ideas are exciting. Both times, you've left me wishing for more. :)

Thank you, I really wish I could elaborate more on some of the stuff brought up in this story, but I really can't write that many different stories. I do have an attachment to characters however, once their made I like to use them again. So Vlasian and characters from Sarma's story will likely come up again in any coming stories ;) .

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