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Long ago, shortly after the gods ascended, a human appointed himself king over an ancient city near present-day Corren. The kingdom has since then been completely destoryed, except for several ruins far in the mountains near the crystal caverns, and other recently discovered ruins underwater to the north. This human was called Techech, referred to in ancient texts as Te'ech. King Techech was a brutal being. He would torture his prisoners of war slowly, eventually laughing at them in their last seconds. Techech ruled for twenty-two years, before he was slain by Jeophte, the ancient king of Tirnwood. In those 22 years, arenas were built in almost every village under his control. In the capital of Menaete, a large colessium was built. In these fighting areas, trained gladiators fought for freedom from prison. These gladiators were the toughest men of their time, some claiming to be trained by Mortos himself. This is a roleplay about those gladiators; Their personalities, matches, victories, losses, and general life.



Gahe rubbed his aching body with a silvery oil. The overly-muscled giant man had just decimated three cyclopses with nothing but a small axe and a fishing net. He was bathing in the armory, along with numerous others, cleansing his body of the 'evil' and the sweat. Gahe was well known to most of the men there, popular because of his record-setting lift of a 200kg anvil. His copper chainmail was being polished by a small child of five or six years, and a large loaf bread was being baked several buildings away by an old woman known to the men as Ashiaa. Gahe sat down after bathing and rested on the cold stone floor.

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