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Server Update

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Added new high level fighting books. They are expensive, and they are NOT for sale on the shop.

The saving stone now requires artificial 7 to make.

Partially implemented the astrology system. So far, the following modifiers have been implemented:

Attack (bonus proportional with the level)

Defense (bonus proportional with the level)

To Hit

To Damage

Accuracy (bonus proportional with the attack level)

Chance to degrade an item (during combat or tools for manufacturing, cummulative with the NMT perk and with the day of more grief)

Chance to make rare items (with the artificer perk/cape, the modifier is reduced, cummulative with the special days)

Chance to trigger harvesting events (both positive and negative, cummulative with the special days)


For the time being, there is a command to help testing the astrology system: #da

It will print some information about the planets and bonuses (depending on the specifics, some bonuses are negative and some positive). Some details abotu how they are supposed to work can be found here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36658

This command will be removed soon, and will be replaced by some special stones that will give you pretty much the same information, only that it will be easier to understand.


The ROT map lost it's status of a PK map, and now the TD is an 'old style PK' map.

Made the old style PK maps (currently only TD) so that you can't use summoning stones. Normal summoning does work though.

Fixed a bug where you would lose items when trading from storage when attacked.

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