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Guest Cinnamon

Mithandir got banned

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Guest Cinnamon


im not sure whether im allowed to do this, but one of my (guild)mates Mithandir got banned

he somehow is unable to create an account on the forum himself,

so i thought i could give it a shot for him


He says he did nothing wrong, ill add his quote later on


Could anyone please check what he did wrong and if he got banned for a reason at all?


thanks in advance,


Hi guys.

I havent pplayed EL for about a week or so, and I tried t login today, and waas given the red "you have been banned" message when I try to login. I have done abosultely nothing to be banned at all, no arguments with mods/players, and no rule breaks at all. I have no idea why my IP has been banned at all. My accound on the official EL forums does not work, every time i create it it says it needs to be approved by a moderator, but it never seems to, because a couple of days later my account is gone. This means I cannot post anything on the official forums asking for help why I have been banned. Anyone got any ideas of how this happened? Or maybe someone could post a message on my behalf on the forums?



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1. He can post :P

2. He needs to follow the whitelisting thread instructions. He has a dynamic IP and got caught in a range ban.

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