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Server Update

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Two new summons:

Falcon: Requires 10 falcon feathers, 20 life essences, 2 meat, 3 bones

Hawk: Requires 10 hawk feathers, 20 life essences, 2 meat, 3 bones

Updated the exp for a few formulas.

New items to make: Dragon Blade, Saving Stone, Caltrops, Poisoned Caltrops, Snare (the caltrops and snare are not usable yet, just makable).

Now the magic resistence is even more useful: it reduces the chance of special negative weapon/armor effects. So the bronze armor and warlock cape can act as a red cape as well (although it won't stop them for sure, but it will also protect against things the red cape doesn't protect against).

Fixed a bug where the dragon invasion didn't work properly.

New formulas at: http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm

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