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Guest Napalm_River

Days of Napalm River's life

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Guest Napalm_River

What's up, people? My first role playing topic, my fist story and so on. Hope you'll enjoy it.




The wolf had been more than he should have taken on. His mind was still foggy, and his wounds were bleeding abundantly. He slowly got up from the cold ground. "I must heal myself" his first thought was. He hated to admit that, but he had almost been overwhelmed. The last strike... that was pure luck. His fist had cracked the wolf's skull just when the beast's fangs were ready to rip his flesh again.

He found some potions in his bag. "Not much, but it should do", he thought. Not that he had much choice. He looked at his armor. Torn. And he had been so proud of it after buying it. Still, it was leather armor. Augmented, but leather. It was not exactly out of the ordinary for a leather armor to let you down. "Guess it won't be of much use now." he thought, and abandoned it near a tree. "If someone finds the armor and thinks he can repair it... well, good luck!". A smile found its place, for a second, on his face. Only some follower of Glilin could think of trying to repair that thing. As for him, he wouldn't waste money on that... he wanted to buy a new set. Steel armor. And maybe a medallion of some kind. And a ring.


"That's many days of working in the mines. And resting in the storage, making essences. And reading. Learning. Meditating. Meeting new people.". He was the kind of man who loved action, but some rest, from time to time, couldn't harm him. And Desert Pines was a nice place, with all of its hard work, heat and snakes. Still wild. And the desert... untamed. He was planning on exploring the entire desert some day. All the caves, all the canyons, all the passes. After that, he would keep on exploring Seridia. And, maybe, Irillion. "Yes, Irillion... I must get there some day. Maybe it'll be sooner than <<some day>>, if I work hard, buy what i need, then explore this continent and find the way to Irillion.". He had a good idea where that could be. "A ship", he thought. "A ship, so that entrance must be somewhere near water. This reduces my area of searching. It will only be a matter of time..."


He kept on thinking about that until he got to the storage. He entered the cave. As always, it was crowded. People were talking, drinking or depositing the result of their work: coal, sulphur, iron, crystals... "Yes, I must harvest this kind of stuff some day. Damn, I want to do everything! And I will... some day.". The dwarf who ran the storage looked at him with a smile. "Training again? Guess you've met one of those wolves and you picked on it, right?". For a moment, Napalm didn't know what to say. How could Grim know that? Damn, was that small person was full of surprises. Grim could tell that the human in front of him was astonished. "Hey, you think you're the first adventurer I see around here? Or the only adventurer to disobey older people's advice on fighting each creature only when one's truly prepared?". Yes, that made sense. Grim had probably seen every type of person one could see in a lifetime.


"Anyway, my inexperienced friend, how can I help you on this wonderful day? Maybe... deposit your beloved leather armor? By the way, where is it?" Grim asked with a large smile on his face. "Somewhere in the woods, unless someone took it.". It was useless to try to retaliate. After all, Grim was right. It had been a big mistake to attack that wolf. "No, I want to take some food and my pickaxe. And my cloak.".


"Hey, Napalm! Make sure you don't get a wall collapsed on you. I've heard about many accidents recently.". Grim said when the human was two steps away from the cave's exit. "Ok, Grim, don't worry. A wolf couldn't kill me. You think a wall will?". "Well, I don't think luck will always shine upon you." Grim said, winking his eye.


Napalm left the cave, thinking about the coal he would harvest during the coming days.

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