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Grogan's Life-before death

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The quest to remember his past was what the woman told everyone. He never flashed back to a space ship...nothing of the sort. Something else happened to him. His 'father' reminded him. Uncle Krentor gave him, 'the amulet'. Aunt Espia showed him the mental images of the other world. He now remembered his true past. SO vivid 'twas the memory, and so solid was the proof that he couldn't deny it...


Grogan-had died.


**Note: This story has gruesome parts...If you are weak stomached, I wouldn't advise reading this, but I'm not a doctor either...

**Other note: Story isn't finished...I have saved it on notepad and will continue later :icon13:


Torture was a typical occurence within Lord Lodus' castle. The atrocious stone monster was called Kremier Castle. Prisoners would typically be seen hanging from the walls, some dead, some alive. Lodus was a creative man. Some were simply chained to the wall for years, their rotting corpses letting off the terrible stench of death. Others were burned alive, and flung over the walls into the peasant farms with a catapult. Still others were eviscerated or decapitated, piled into mass graves but never buried. The most frightening were the executions by impalment. Living prisoners were bound and hoisted in the air, only to sink on a 10 foot pole under their own weight. Some would survive for a few minutes, some a few hours. Not a single prisoner was granted amnesty by Lodus. Except his most fit men or children. They became the backbone of his military.


This was another world. It was the ACTUAL world. It was united under one religion they called Tentism. They worshipped two gods, one male, one female. Dra, the male, presided under topics that included men; Military, Law, Ownership, and almost all else. Ka, the female, presided over childbirth, housekeeping, and cooking. When a member of this world died, they could go to two places, at their own choice. Komnen, a joyful life a pure happiness. One catch. They always had to go back. They had to reincarnate. The process was horrible to reincarnate. The pain was unbearable by many. So most went to...


the 'other world', as they called it in the world Lodus lived in. This land was similar to their own; there were trades, there was law, there was-peace. Most of the time, anyway. But before death, you had to live, here.


Grogan can't recall his original name from the former life. He chooses to say it was 'Kogan', mostly because of the laws of that world and his ancestry, he could place his name should have been Kogan. Alas, that isn't what the story is about.


Kogan was a lucky one. He was a moderately successful cobbler. His brother Deemar owned a large cow farm. When the hides were tanned, Kogan made leather of them. The leather made shoes and boots, Kogan's life and trade. Kogan lived in a small village of no name. At least, the locals hadn't called it anything. The foreigners called it Creedon. The small village had no need for most laws. The members understood right and wrong. There wasn't any murder or theft or bribery. Since there were few laws, there was no government. They had no idea what a 'king' or 'queen' or 'lord' was. Their was no money. People traded their goods. They had lived like this for centuries. That was, until Lord Lodus had ordered the infamous 'charge'.


(End of overview)


(Detailed life)


Kogan was shaving with his new razor when a knock came on the door. Kogan's son Menlis answered it at Kogan's command. The small boy opened the door and was greeted with the point of a strange metal object. "Why hello sir. Would you care to come in and sit down?" The boy said in his native Ganklin. One of a party of men nodded and stepped inside, the rest following his example. Menlis came into his father's room and told him that company had arrived and was waiting. "Well boy, get our guests some tea and bread. Be careful not to break the wares." Kogan said, not even looking at his young child of seven years. Kogan's beard had grown too long from not shaving. His razor broke two weeks ago, and he hadn't shaved since. It was a wonder he could, with how fast his facial hair grew. Think of 5 o'clock shadow times about ten. But in this world, it wasn't only men with beards. Women sometimes had more facial hair then men, and was typically untamed. Kogan's wife was no exception.


"Well, you men seem different. You most likely aren't from the village then are you?" The child asked the party. The same man nodded and spoke. "We are from a large city called Kremier. We are hear to speak with your father. Is he home?" The large man asked in a shockingly high voice. The boy nodded and told them he would be out shortly. He served them tea and bread, getting their finest silverware and china. The men weren't expectly this much formality. Their leader stood up and walked toward the kitchen. This would seem rude to many, but the people of this village wouldn't care. Menlis sat down in the plush chairs his family obtained from a merchant that traveled and made chairs from local wood. Kogan was finished shaving, and has gotten dressed in finer, more formal clothes than usual. He shook the party's variously sized hands and offered them a gift of boots each. It was the custom of the village to offer gifts to visitors, foreign or a well known friend. The men all stood and the leader came back from the kitchen, with bulging pockets and Kogan's wife. He took out a scroll, handing it to the large man with the high voice. Kogan's wife looked terrified. The large man read the scroll to the family in their language.


"By decree of Lord Lodus of Kremier Castle, we, his most worthy soldiers, retain the right by law and by the church of Tentism to arrest the members of the village of Creedon for various acts of treason, murder, theft, bribery, evasion of taxes, unlawful practices of religion, protest, foul language, defacing our King's status, and speaking against his so just government. All arrested are to be tried on the day of arrest by the soldiers capturing those previously mentioned, and the King and Queen of Kremier and the surronding kingdom. If found guilty, felons will be given lawful punishment, as his majesty so rightly may preform, which is chosen by Lord Lodus, resulting either in death, seizure of property, or conscription into the most high military of Lord Lodus. Being the undersigned, we agree to the terms and conditions of this act, and swear to obey the laws of our majesty Lord Lodus and Queen Jhodil."


Kogan didn't understand, and neither did his wife or child. As their hands were tied, and they were marched from their living room, they saw the burning village. All of the men, women, or children that resisted were killed. Other soldiers were taking the arrested to a large group of wagons and horses and even more soldiers. Kogan saw his mother and father. So unspeakable were some of these sights that Grogan wouldn't mention them. His brother must've fought. His opened chest revealed missing organs and broken bones. Some of Kogan's neighbors were burning with their families and possessions. He saw his nephew, only three months old, stuck on a sword of a soldier, and simply being carried around, as an example to all. His sister's throat was then cut three times with a small knife. He saw the village blacksmith's head being bashed with his own hammer. Other children were stoned, or had nails driven into them. The gruesomeness of it all made Kogan puke. His wife was loaded onto the cart with his son. He was loaded on a different one. Kogan's son was whipped trying to get off the cart. The air was a mixing stench of burning flesh, blood, vomit, and the never forgotten smell of death. The cart's horses were whipped to move, and they slowly rumbled down a dirt road into a forest.


As the village barely lingered in Kogan's sight, his wife and child started crying. His wife made such noise that they picked her up and tossed her off the cart, only to roll under the hooves of the horses driving the next load of people and property. Kogan started crying now. He saw his wife's figure attempt to stand, then slapped and stabbed by a patrol of foot soldiers leaving the village. Kogan lay down, facing away from his son, and cried, soaking himself in tears. The dense overgrowth of trees let in very little sunlight. His shaved beard still retained some of his tears. His son was still there, but he had stopped crying and had apparently fallen asleep. Kogan had stopped himself, and once out of the woods, saw the enormous spire that was part of Kremier Castle. It was actually the bedroom of Lord Lodus himself. Kogan looked away, and fell asleep himself. He didn't know how long he slept.


Kogan was only awakened by the poke of a soldier. He sat up, and was taken off the cart. He saw his son come the same way as he did. He promised himself to suffer the same fate as his son would. They were being dragged towards a large barracks. A large man much like the translator was shouting at scared children in another language. They all faced to their left and marched like soldiers. One of them looked even younger than Menlis. Kogan fought back the urge to well in tears again. The change was so quick. One day, he was sleeping in his bed, the next, his village was taken from him and he only had his son to comfort him. Once inside the barracks, they were sat down on cold stone benches. Kogan was separated from his son purposely. He listened to a man dressed in a uniform give them a speech. His voice was rough and unpleasing.


"Now that you are here, welcome to Kremier Castle. I am Commander Quintus. I run the military training camp here. This barracks is your new home. You will become soldiers of Lord Lotus' Royal Army. You will be trained well and be given good equipment. You will become the best of the best. I am going to put you through our tests. Those who pass will be trained accordingly. Those that fail will be jailed. You are all felons, but the army is your chance to escape imprisonment. Since you are the most physically fit of the village, you have been selected as the best possible choices. You still can choose to go to jail, if you wish. Whoever does should leave now." ( A long pause in which no one moved, most likely because of terror) "Well then, let's get to it. I will start the first test. You will all give me your best effort. You must pass this test to go on. MOVE OUT!"


The commander gave Menlis the test first. He passed. A large sigh of relief came from Kogan. Once it was Kogan's turn, he choked for air. He was afraid. "Give me 20 push-ups NOW!" Quintus shouted in Kogan's face. Kogan obeyed immeddiately, preforming all twenty with relative ease. "Good. LIE DOWN ON YOUR BACK!" Again, Kogan obeyed. On his back, the commander looked at him, stepped on his stomach, and kicked him in the face. Kogan winced at the pain, but was fine in a while. "Get UP!" Kogan stood quickly. "Punch me!" He said. Kogan thought for a second. "PUNCH ME YOU HEAP OF-" He couldn't finish his sentence before Kogan decked him in the cheek. Kogan was punched even harder back, in the left temple. He stumbled, but punched the commander in the gut. "ALRIGHT! I know you can fight now. PASSED!" Quintus patted Kogan on the back, and shoved him towards another officer.


"Okay you uglies. Who knows how to ride a horse?" He asked. All the men and most children answered him with an 'I'. Both Kogan and Menlis had ridden horses before. Kogan had mastered it at a young age, as did Menlis. "Prove it." The uniformed man said. He gave them all boots and spurs. They ran after the riding officer to the stables.

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I'ts pretty good so far! Keep going ;)


Awesome! I have some more for you :P


The officer dismounted. His medium-sized coat was a deep blue, almost indigo. He looked each man in the eye for a long time. He chose the village postman. The village's postage system was almost never used, but it existed. He proved his worth riding the horse. Two others passed this test, three failed. Kogan's turn. Taking in a deep breath, he mounted the black and white horse. It was cared for, it was abnormally big and stronger than most Kogan had seen. As the officer stood next to a target holding his arm up, Kogan got ready. His arm came down and Kogan spurred the horse. The horse was fast. He spurred it again, closer to it's upper body. The horse ran harder. He got to the target within those two spurs, maybe even faster than the postman. The officer looked impressed, his eyes widening and a small smile on his face. "See me after the others drill. I think you could be a cavalry officer." He said. Kogan was overjoyed. He knew Menlis would do just as good. Surely enough, he whispered to him too, just as Kogan took a seat on the bench.


Kogan came back to the cavalry officer after the others drilled. Two other people he knew and his son also came back. Others would probably become infantry. "You four are here because you actually impressed me during that drill. You know how to ride hard. Five others are potential candidates, but you four are probably the best. I'm going to give you several other cavalry drills. Once you guys prove your worth, you'll earn his majesty's colors, and your cavalry badge. You four possibly will become charge leaders or officers in our cavalry companies. Three companies run completely on cavalry, and every other company, including the infantry and catapults, will have support cavalry. Our officers will recieve a saber and a bow with arrows. You're lucky to be cavalry men. The infantry gets the worst treatment. The officers get their own tents and hot meals. You will most likely get a better life than your former lives in Creedon. Anyway, I'm going to get the other five, learn all of your names, and set up drills. For now, here is a book with the bugle calls that signal different events during your military life. Captain Gridco will direct you to your tents for tonight. You will recieve some rations, a map of the camp, and your drill book. You wake up at 5:00 tommorow morning as the bugle sounds. You report to me after mess hall. I will drill you until 2:00 in the afternoon, you get more food, and will report to Cavalry Commander Thaddeus. You should meet him tomorrow morning at breakfast. I'm done talking. Captain Gridco is waiting with your supplies. You get your weapons tomorrow and will drill with them with me. DISMISSED!"


Kogan followed the captain. He never said anything except, 'here' when he gave them the items. They were tossed into tents, luckily for Kogan his son was next to him. The tent was fairly large and quite comfortable. A hammock strung to two strong posts, a small table with a bag of rations, and a small area to shave and bathe. It wasn't luxury, but Kogan couldn't complain. He could've been in the infantry. He laid upon the hammock, arms behind his head, and fell asleep.



(Next morning)



The bugle called the wake-up. Five loud blasts of an 'F' note echoed across the military camp. The drums started their pounding melodies. Fifes shouted a call that was sweet as honey to the ears, but dreadful to the brain and their now aching bodies. The former members of Creedon who had been impressed into Lodus' military were going to begin some very hard training. Kogan's eyes shot open once the drums had started. He looked around for his clothes. On the chair he found his jacket and trousers. Quickly dressing himself and pocketing his gear, Kogan followed the map to the mess hall, stopping to hug his son. Only seven years old and he's been given a soldier's life. Most full grown men don't want this, much less boys. I only hope he is okay. Kogan thought to himself on the way to breakfast. He found some rations in a pit in the corner of the building. Some kind of uncooked meat and stale bread. It would have to do. Kogan took the meat over to a fire and got a pan to cook it in. Slowly letting the meat brown, Kogan sat down on a log that had been placed next to the hearth. He saw a short man with a deep blue coat, just like the cavalry officer's. That must be Commander Thaddeus. Should I greet him? Nah. Kogan looked at the man like he was an alien. A long beard protruded from the man's face, stooping low to his chest, then curling forward. He wore a helmet with a purple plume on top going vertically, with a gold stripe every inch or so. He eyed Kogan for a second, laughed to himself, and set back to joking with other officers. Kogan was disappointed. As the meat 'surprise' finished it's cooking, Kogan found a strong enough twig to poke it with. He flipped it over to cook the other side. Just then, one of the coal miners from the village sat next to him.


"So, I hear your going to become a cavalry man. It'd be nice if I could ride a horse all day. It would stop Commander Quintis from breathing down my neck as we march for ten miles. One of our men quit marching to rest and Quintis' Lieutenant hung him for 'desertion'. The guy is deranged. I just hope you have it better than we do. I don't like to complain, but this is horrible. I don't know if I'd rather be impaled or serve in the infantry." He said. The man had always been talkative, but this, this gave him something to speak about for days. "Well, I wish you good luck on walking through mud. It rained last night and I hear you're going to have some pretty nasty drills." Kogan said. He'd heard that the commander was going to work them harder than yesterday. "Thank you sir. I wish you luck too." And with that, the former miner stood, bit off a piece of bread, chewed hard, and walked off to meet other people. Kogan's bread was finished during the conversation, and the meat was almost ready. The officer from yesterday came up to Kogan. "Your name?" He asked. The officer needed to register all the men he got yesterday. "Kogan." "Age?" The officer was impatient. He couldn't have that many men. Few people actually owned a horse back at the village. "39." Kogan stuck his meat on the stick and blew on it to cool it down. "First language?" "Ganklin." "Second?" "Pordish." Pordish is what most foreigners spoke, and what was spoken at the camp. Kogan's family knew this language well to understand what visitors from other places said. Ganklin was a much less used language, but the people of Creedon and the surronding areas spoke it for millenia. "Position, cavalry man. Rank, lieutenant. Okay then sir you are certified. Meet me when the bugle calls morning drill. You get your colors, your badge, and your weapons. Then, we'll break for a long ride out of the camp, maybe twenty miles, and then back for midday meals. You'll see Commander Thaddeus, learn some tactics with him, eat evening meal at around 7:00, meet back with me for some information, then it's time to retreat to tents. Eat up good." The officer said. He saluted the newly made lieutenant. It was repeated and held until the officer stood at ease. Lieutenant Kogan continued to eat.


After Kogan was finished eating, the bugle call sounded. He quickly stood up and reported back to the officer from last night who he learned was Captain Ordin. Menlis came alongside his father to the drills. They were typical cavalry drills. A wooden structure much like a gallows was holding a stuffed dummy. The men had to ride by and punch it, as hand-to-hand combat would happen in some awkward situation. Kogan spurred the horse deep and it almost jerked him off, but he stayed up and managed to nearly knock to dummy off the string holding it. The Captain was happy. Menlis didn't do as good the first try, but the second time he did knock the dummy off with a strong hook in the 'cheek'. After the drill, they were told to stand in a line. Kogan fell in with the rest and stood at attention. "Alright. Now you men are going to recieve your colors and your sabers. Take it with honor. You will get your bows and arrows from the armory with Commander Thaddeus. Now kneel and be knighted a cavalry man. I gave you all your ranks this morning. Any above Seargant First Class are officers. You will recieve another form for registration after you meet with the commander. Most of the questions on the form are your choice. Commander Thaddeus will determine if you will be a field officer or tactics officer." The captain briefed the group as most, including Menlis and Kogan, were given their uniform and sword. The stood after they were given these, and were told to put the uniform on. They were then given a decorated scabbard for their sabers. Kogan's in particular had emeralds embedded into the sides. His saber was slightly curved, and was extremely sharp. It was very durable for it's small size and diameter. A handguard of brass fit perfectly into Kogan's knuckles. They drilled on horseback until 2:00. They rode and sliced the dummy. The rode through an obstacle course. All of the drills they did were challenging, but Kogan and Menlis and the other two men that were supposedly 'the elites' were always passing with flying colors. At 2:00, they broke out for midday meal.

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I apologize for not reading this sooner.


You're very good at descriptive writing! What bothers me about the story however is that Kogan's wife was just killed, along with many of his friends from the village..and he's acting as if he voluntarily joined this army.

With how he is acting, it would make more sense if they didn't kill those people, but instead took them, making them hostages and forcing the men to join the army or see their wives/mothers/etc.. killed if they misbehave.

Or even something different than that. Right now his attitude just doesn't fit with what happened.

Also descriptions are good but you need to put more action, more "story" into it...you can write a ton of what they do at this army camp, but it does get boring reading about it with nothing else going on.

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EEEK! I've been slacking on the writing lately since football started. I'll try to get some in.

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