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Server Update

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New spawns for Joker. There is a small chance he will give some very good items.

In addition to that, there are hyperspace bags under his new spawns, so you can win some nice items if you discover those locations before others.

Changed the rarity of some rare items. Don't ask what has changed.

Made the remote heal spell more powerfull, depending on the level of the caster.

The bronze sword is now manufacturable.

Really added the new yeti spawns (they were supposed to be here last update, but there was a problem).

Added a few more desert chims, including a double spawn.

Fixed the bug where sometimes summons would not attack eachother in the summoning arenas.

Added a potion of engineering (usable and manufacturable)

The formulas are here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm

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