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Removal Stones - where did you find one?

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Next yesterday, vit removal on White Asiatic Lillies... at least I think that's what I was doing ;)

And another one of these on sapphires just now. I'm getting a collection of removal stones, just still no nexus.

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This is what my chat_log.txt reveals about rare stones:


4 Binding Stone:Coal

3 Rostogol Stone:Iron Ore

3 Binding Stone:Iron Ore

2 Rostogol Stone:Coal

1 Will Removal Stone:Cotton

1 Serpent Stone:Turqoise

1 Serpent Stone:Iron Ore

1 Serpent Stone:Emerald

1 Rostogol Stone:Turqoise

1 Rostogol Stone:Silver Ore

1 Rostogol Stone:Sapphire

1 Instinct Removal Stone:Iron Ore

1 Binding Stone:Sulfur

1 Binding Stone:Sapphire

1 Binding Stone:Ruby

1 Binding Stone:Rose Quartz

1 Binding Stone:Gypsum

1 Artificial Removal Stone:Turqoise

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