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I was training on Ogres in SKF when Legolas_o arrived and with just a hi started atcking the same ogre I was training on.

Here's the log


[23:01:38] legolas_o: hi

[23:01:41] SCARfACE: hey

[23:02:13] SCARfACE: u can have 2nd spwn if u wanna train

[23:02:21] legolas_o: no thx here is good

[23:02:25] SCARfACE: well im here

[23:02:31] SCARfACE: Ive been training here for 2 hours

[23:02:38] legolas_o: u weren't when i came here


[23:04:32] legolas_o: go to the other spawn guy

[23:04:38] SCARfACE: no i been here all day

[23:04:40] SCARfACE: im staying here

[23:04:47] legolas_o: and me 2


[23:04:56] SCARfACE: dude ibe been here what u talking about

[23:05:18] legolas_o: as i told lots of times u weren't here when i came

[23:05:23] legolas_o: u were at the other spawn

[23:05:33] SCARfACE: I was folowing the ogre from this spawn

[23:05:41] legolas_o: don't follow next time then

[23:05:52] SCARfACE: its part or keeping a spawn

[23:06:01] SCARfACE: otherwise they get out to the fluff spawn n if they dont die

[23:06:05] SCARfACE: they do not respawn

[23:06:06] legolas_o: then go and follow the other 1

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("Serp'ing" a spawn?


I got accused of this yesterday, I did not attack the other persons creature and there were two spawns =?


Then when I told him what level my A/D was I was he said "You can have a spawn then" or something similiar? :) )


I suppose nobody owns a spawn, it is polite to leave if one person is training but you cannot expect everybody to act polietly in a MMORPG.

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I wonder if this is the same legolas that we know and love from before?? looks like similar attitude/// just search name legolas... and see the outlaws connected to the name....

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