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Things you hate!

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I hate people who hate me

I hate winter

I hate sugar-free food

[b]i hate acid rain[/b]


Umm i Hate


-DoA newblets.


-Sega and its communist ways.



-DP arena



-Boring movies.

-Evil chicks


-Dragon Armour.

-Bronze Swords.

-Delroy this is why cuz he claim he look better than me im on the left Wholookbetter.jpg

-Delroy's 8 yr old Girlfriend Johanna.

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Stupid people.



It covers a lot—from the politicians in charge of the country to the people you meet every day who cannot even think straight. It covers big corporations, drunken idiots, stuck-up morons, anybody who has played a part in war except for some honest soldiers, noobs who ask questions that you just answered, and all other manner of humans and sub-humans who think about things which they are far too stupid to attempt to comprehend.


I do, however, admire those with ideas and intelligence who can hold an interesting, engaging, and funny conversation, as well as every single person who has really, truly changed the world for the better.


And I guess I must say that I agree with pretty much everyone who has posted before me on this topic except for a few select people.








Why is there not a "Things you love!" topic?

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things i hate eh? i'll give it a try...

-cave trolls


-sweden during hockey games and swedish lessons

-2 cave trolls

-hip hop/rap or whatevertheycall that ***p

-harry potter

-armored trolls

-school days when it's -32 degrees outside (i have to walk to school...)

-ppl who take things too seriously

-tro....i mean....ummm....pop! yes that's what i ment! pop.


well, i guess that's all, might have forgotten a few but who cares! :P

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This will most likely be a long list :D


- manu (okay, I don't hate it, but I seriously dislike it for multiple reasons best kept to myself)

- leather helms

- dragon armor *grumbles*

- trik

- "so and so sells for less"

- When people use your instead of you're or you are

- that my storage slots are almost always close to full/full

- stupid people (ignorant people are alright unless their ignorance is a direct result of laziness, then I classify them as stupid)

- no matter how much I would like to think otherwise, I am not middle-class

- that most people don't think of anything/anyone other than their own little world and they don't even realize it

- when people don't properly use their turn signal/don't use their turn signal at all

- when people don't use the 'slow vehicle turnout' on the highway even though they are holding up more than 5 vehicles which is illegal as stated by the sign that is 500 ft before the slow vehicle turnout sign

- when people talk on their cell phone, eat, smoke, look at themselves in the rear view mirror all at the same time while running a red light and have the nerve to flip me off and honk as I slam on my breaks and swerve to the side

- when people cut me off and drive 5, 10 or more mph below the speed limit and look bewildered when I honk at them

- when people tailgate me even though I am already speeding and there is someone in front of me so I can't possibly go any faster

- that the new rate/class changes recently implemented by the USPS completely messed up all my auction listings that I now have to edit

- that people are astonished when I won't lower my prices just because they think they are too high



I know I'll think of more later :D

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-the 'Pirate Master' TV show....cheesier than a Helluva Good factory...


-Noob speak: W0w! Iz r t3h amaz!ng at teh pK, lawl i lal laol, lal lol lmao roflmflolomaorofl!!!1111 nub!




-Circuit City


-All other anti-union corporations that treat their workers like shit


-ill update this later...


-Guys who wear bellie shirts


-The 'sports' of javelin, discus(spelling?) and shot put.


-People who use 'Gay' as an insult. If i ever hear you insult someone by calling them gay...well, welcome to my RL ignore list

Edited by Shujral

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@ xbox360 - how on earth do you end up hating the RCMP?! Regular Canadian cops, fine.. especially the French Canadian.. but I'm not getting into that


OK my hates list is rather long so i'll.. cut it down to save your eyes from bleeding:


- Enemy Guilds :medieval:

- Pepsi and all their commercials.

- Bigger peoples in little-r clothing.

- the computer in my room.

- French Canadians.

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I hate making a public list of things I hate (but you can be sure you'll know if I hate something and I think it's worth you know...).

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IRL things:

-Stupid People (They should wear signs)


-Nintendo (Cept Mario)

-Low budget games

-Microsoft (Even though I would prefer MS operating systems over Apple, only because of lack of understanding of the way apples work)

-Cold Weather

-Pointless school subjects


EL things:



-Pr0s who think they are better then anyone/everyone

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Hate is a nasty thing and shouldn't be subscribed to.


That said, everyone has a line that can be crossed I guess. If Smilin' Pete ever gets close enough to me no words will be said. :D

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oh i c then ur talking to seph and i said i killed truffle lol not jasperjune now u post where u killed me?kk,thought i made that clear in nmt posts ;P

Edited by Justin

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here mufo ;P


OMG things i hate fckin liars who *edit* their shit to fckin lie :D u never pked jasper LIAR


and anyways i said i pked you on jasper, not seraph or wtf ever his name is

Edited by mufossa

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Ok first of all it seems you and my brother have been posting alot in forums which I don't do most of the time and advise him not to,unless its of much interest.

Those pics ain't edited or w/e you was referring to.And yes fact is I didn't pk you,I just sit in DP arena with low-end gear on and you came and atk'd me and died,maybe it was luci on the account I dunno and don't care anymore.I gave the db back.

Yes you pk'd Cloud in the DP days iirc and he dissed,cause we talked about this new char jasperjune that came to DP arena in his days.

Personally I careless about this back and forth crap myself,he wanted you to talk in-game about it.

So I'm here to say to any mod to take my accounts bit out of the Things I hate topic even tho its off-topic if you

do mind,cause I personally don't.

I play the game for fun now not to have bragging rights over red names in the kills list.Pk is fun,but much over-rated nowadays thus its demise.

Thx for your time


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Umm i Hate



grab a cookie and dance pls :D


ehm i only hate 1 person. markusweck thats all ^^

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