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Mystery and Lies

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Alright this is the begining of my story about my character. Im sorry for any spelling/grammer errors, i try to fix them all yet im bound to miss some anyway. Well.... read on, and im open to all criticism :)


It was cold. No, that hardly was justice to the feeling. Enly shivered uncontrollably. She felt like she was freezing to death as she walked. The wind ripped at her clothes and threw hard frozen chunks of ice in her face. The glove on her left hand had a hole in it and the skin there had turned blue from the arctic temperatures. Why had she been insane enough to do this? She just wanted to read some of those scrolls in the draegoni library. Not die of cold in a blizzard, in the dead of night.

Shoving her cold hands in her armpits she assessed her options. She could either continue walking like this, till she found shelter or died. Or she could hole up in a snowdrift, dig a cave and hope to wait out the storm. Her body was so tired she doubted she would have the energy to create a cave that would actually keep her warm.

Thrusting her head down against the wind and ice she forced her feet forward. Silently she cursed her curiosity. Why did she have to have this spell anyway, it really wasn’t that important, just a more powerful way to heal herself. But of course, she had to have it; so many others knew the spell. Those others had learned it all from friends or magicians near their hometown. Enly though, Enly had to go to the library where the original book on the spell was kept, she angrily kicked an icicle drooping low from a rock, curse her and her curiosity. Wrapping her cloak more tightly around herself she walked on.

That was when she heard it, a deafening roar coming from just overhead, then the thud, thud, thud, of huge beating wings. Looking up she gasped. Descending upon her was a huge white dragon. There weren’t any dragons besides that accursed one in Redmoon! She had heard rumors of a black. But a white one in the icy reaches of Ilrilion? This was just too much.

The dragon landed in front of her. Curious, it stretched out a long neck, and contemplated her with a silvery blue eye.

Enly stood frozen in fear, her hands twitching where they held her cloak, she had to move, she had to do something! She couldn’t look away from the mystifying gaze of that dragon though.

Abruptly it reared lifting its head high into the sky it let out another roar and a jet of orange flame. At last able to control herself Enly drew her rapier. The dragon came back down slamming its feet into the snow just feet from Enly. She was knocked over as the clumps of hardened snowflakes were shoved towards her. Scrambling to the side she stood and ducked around a rock on her right.

The dragon opened its huge jaws and sent a stream of flames at the rock. The snow around Enly melted instantly, but the rock sheltered her from the worst of the inferno.

As soon as the flames halted Enly jumped up and ran. She wasn’t going to take on a dragon, not alone. The dragon’s claws swiped at her, missing her by centimeters. Enly could hear the whistle as the ivory talons slipped past her ear. Frantically she scrambled onward. Where to run? Where to hide?

“Hello? Is someone out here!” Enly searched the whiteness around her for the voice. There, a ways to her left was an elf standing with a lantern. She could just barely make out his figure in the blowing snow, a small igloo sat behind him.

The dragon had heard the noise as well though; turning it sent a flaming ball toward the figure.

“What the!” the elf quickly shielded himself from the dragon with magic. Infuriated at its inability to destroy these two creatures the dragon slashed madly at the elf.

The elf dodged to the side and came towards Enly.

“Here, come with me I know where we can hide,” He held out his hand towards her. Enly grasped his hand and stumbled through the snowdrifts to a slightly shallower area of snow. The elf in front of her grasped the lantern in one hand and drew a glowing magical sword with the other. He peered through the snow the dragon was nowhere to be seen. Cautiously he stepped forward, Enly followed.

“Careful, that dragon is still around here somewhere, I knew I should have listened to Nathan and taken refuge in the city,” He said almost to himself.

“Who are you?” asked Enly confused.

“The name’s Kail. I wander and study magic and healing,”

“I see, my name is Enly, pleased to meet you,”

Enly was about to ask what he was doing in the middle of nowhere on a snowy night when she saw something move in the corner of her vision. She shoved Kail to the ground just as the dragon’s talons cut through the air. The talons almost missed her but one cut across her back leaving a long wound.

Kail jumped up and turned to her.

“Come on! Run!” he grasped her arm and pulled her along behind him as she stumbled through the snowdrifts. She could feel the blood running down her back, she must have lost quite a bit already. Stars and darkness tugged at the corners of her vision. She could hear the dragon lift into flight behind them as Kail pulled her into a cave. Ducking he ran through a tunnel. She stumbled behind. Abruptly they emerged outside again. The blizzard still raged. Quickly Kail led her to his left under the edge of icy cliffs. Suddenly he stopped. A wall made of Snowy bricks stood before them. Enly collapsed into the snow as he stopped. Panting for breath she looked around. She could hear the wing beats of the dragon still following them. Kail was saying something but she had no idea what. Finally his voice broke through the thunder of the wings and snow.

“Touch the brick there! It will transport you into the city!” Confused Enly blinked snow from her vision. There, he was pointing at a brick in the wall. Reaching out Enly touched it. Her arm tingled and suddenly the snow was gone, she was in another cave, this one warm and spacious. Kail appeared beside her, he leaned tiredly against the wall and smiled down at Enly who sat hunched on the floor.

“Well, that wasn’t what I thought id be doing this evening,” he stated casually. Enly tried to smile back at him, but her back hurt to bad. Giving into the pain she collapsed onto the floor.



Well i guess that is it for now, more to come soon i hope :omg:

Edited by Enly

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As I've already told you personally, I really enjoyed your story (esp the elf-mage with the magic sword :))


I mostly enjoyed the pace from that point, and loved the blackout ending, leaving the imagination open to all the possibilities of who and what #enly will see when she comes round.


*Looking forward to next chapter, and readin other peoples thoughts*

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OK here is some more, i know its really short, its more of a part 1 section 2, but here it is anyway. Im not sure if there is already any established facts about Dreagoni government. Some one please let me know if there is and I'll change me self made facts right away :)


She awoke later in a warm bed. Groaning she sat up and looked around. She was in a small cave like room, with little decoration. It had one door, which was open to the hallway. As she sat up a head peeked into the door. It disappeared again quickly. Enly heard the sound of voices in the hallway then footsteps walking away. Several minutes later she could here footsteps returning. Kail walked into the room. He grabbed a chair that was the only other piece of furniture and sat next to her bed.

“How are you feeling?” asked Kail.

“Tired,” said Enly as she leaned her head against the wall behind her.

“That’s normal after being chased by a dragon I’d say. Does your back hurt at all?” he questioned.

Enly reached her arm around and felt her back beneath her shirt. Only a thin line could be felt where the wound had been. “No, it feels fine. Did you heal it?”

“Yes,” Kail smiled looking proud of himself. “It took a tricky bit of magic, dragon wounds are different from other things you see. Its really all because…”

Enly had a feeling he would have continued for a while had not someone else walked into the room at that moment.

“Kail, there you are!” said the human who had just walked in. He was tall with short brown hair, and wore fine titanium armor. A curved glowing sword was tucked into his belt.

“Oh hi Nathan, have you come to scold me for going outside in the cold?” asked Kail with a smile.

“No, I’ve come to scold you for almost getting yourself killed,” said Nathan exasperated.

“Well last I checked I was alive, you never know though,” Kail turned to Enly. “Do I look dead to you?”

Enly grinned and looked at Nathan. He was smiling and shaking his head.

“Well fine then, to business, we need to find out where this dragon came from and what we are going to do about it. The Draegoni council is meeting, they don’t seem very concerned though,” said Nathan with a sigh.

“Why ever not?” asked Enly puzzled. “It’s a dragon! it tried to kill Kail and I,”

“Well, the Draegoni believe it was merely protecting its territory, they think that you disturbed it,” said Nathan sadly.

“Well that’s the biggest load of rubbish I ever heard!” Enly growled angrily.

“For all we know Enly, that is what happened,” Kail spoke calmly.

Enly scowled.

“You’re Draegoni, surely you know your people would go to any lengths to defend a dragon,” Said Nathan.

“Yes, since so many of you claim proudly to be decedents of the dragon god,”

“That’s hardly reason to defend a dragon,” muttered Enly.

“It doesn’t matter what you think I’m afraid, the council will make its own decision, for now, they wish to treat you as an honored guest and long lost sister,”

“Oh dear, that’s just what I need,” Enly stated with all the sarcasm she could muster.


Later she was shown to a much nicer room furnished with rugs and a fireplace. She was not at all happy about it though. Enly had fled her hometown when she was a child. She had hated the strict and proud ways of the draegoni and wanted only to be able to live her life the way she wanted. Yet here she was, back with her people being treated as an honored guest. She took comfort in getting to know Kail and his friend Nathan over the next few days. Kail was there for much the same purpose as herself, to study the ancient spell books in the Draegoni’s famed library. Nathan said very little about why he was there, or where he would go next. The draegoni she encountered were all very much the same as the ones she had known in her youth, proud, and rigid, kind but strict. One thing she was dying to know was not revealed for quite some time though. She was very curious as to why Kail had been wandering outside in the dead of night during a horrible blizzard. And was it merely chance he had stumbled upon her shortly after the dragon. Or had he known she was going to be there? Or perhaps, had he known the dragon would be there?


Still working on the next part, its a little bit more complex and i keep deleting stuff that i wrote beacause i thought it was horrible. So the next instalment may be awhile in coming :pinch:


Would love some more advice though :( (thanks for your post kailo :P (AKA kail))

Edited by Enly

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Nice to meet Nathan atlast, very life-like :) So Kail might be about to develop into something less based on me? Thats cool, I look forward (from reading the last chapter) to meeting Kails devious side. Figured from the working title that things might get complicated :P


Anyway, enjoyable read, can't wait for some more action for the Honoured Guest :P Again, loved Nathan, and wondering if he will turn out to be in on it or not. He is a pretty friendly human, far too friendly I would say to be involved.

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oooo, suspensful.... cliffhanger.... (insert synomyn here)


perhaps you could elaborate on the story about Enly leaving the draegoni society? i dunno :wub:


i like it... :happy:

Edited by MoonSkimmer

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perhaps you could elaborate on the story about Enly leaving the draegoni society? i dunno :wub:



Story isn't finished yet moons, :happy: all will be reaveled in time

Im working on the next part still, in the process of editing it

Edited by Enly

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Well here we go next part read on



Enly began to find herself enjoying the company of Kail and Nathan more and more, before she knew it, a month had passed. The Draegoni council had long since ruled that the dragon was to be left alone and everyone should stay out of the area in which Kail and Enly had been attacked.

Kail helped Enly to learn the spell she had come for in the first place, as well as teaching her many others. Kail often seemed distracted though. And, as the days passed, he grew thinner and his skin grew paler. He disappeared from the city for hours at a time. But when questioned he always quickly changed the subject. Enly worried for him, but didn’t know what she could do.

Enly discovered a hobby in playing chess, and spent long hours competing with Nathan.

On a particularly nasty afternoon, while another blizzard raged outside, Enly and Nathan sat playing chess deep in the cozy confines of Dra’syn.

“Have you seen Kail today?” questioned Nathan as he moved his pawn forward.

“No, I believe he has taken another venture outside,” Enly responded.

“I worry about him,” said Nathan with a frown. “We have been friends for quite a long time, yet he still refuses to tell me what he has been doing out in blizzards,”

“How long has it been going on for?” questioned Enly, she shoved her queen to the right beginning to set up a trap for Nathan’s king on the chess bored.

Nathan scowled at her move as he noticed what she was doing, he countered quickly then responded. “About a week before you got here. I believe that was the first time I noticed his absence,”

“I find everything that his been happening here a bit odd Nathan, I’m worried that Kail has gotten himself into trouble,”

“Oh I’m sure he will be fine, he has gotten through plenty of bad scrapes before,” Nathan smiled confidently.

Enly was about to win when suddenly the door burst open; a tall Draegoni outfitted for battle was standing in the doorway. He bowed slightly in respect.

“The dragon has attacked Iscalrith city, the council has called all able fighters to arms. The garrison in Iscalrith City has been overrun, and has retreated into the tunnels,”

Nathan stood quickly.

“Overrun? That city is home to some of the best fighters in Irillion! How could they have been overrun by one dragon?” he asked agitated.

“I’m afraid I don’t know, frightening rumors have been coming in though. The only way we can establish any facts is to go and help them, and see for ourselves,”

The draegoni left without another word, and Nathan followed quickly. Silently Enly stood and looked down at the chessboard. She moved her final piece putting Nathan’s Elven king in check.

“Check mate,” Enly whispered to the piece. It looked far to much like Kail. A chill ran down Enly’s spine as she realized the final piece she had just moved was a dragon.

“I don’t believe in omens,” Enly told the board firmly. Turning she looked around her room.

She wasn’t much of a warrior, she only carried the rapier she owned for looks. It had been a gift from a friend. The only thing she had in the way of armor was leather. Most of her possessions had stayed home in Melinis. She always traveled light. Pulling on her leather armor she grabbed her rapier and head for the door. She paused in the doorframe, and looked back at a small pack that lay under her bed. Glancing up and down the hallway she grabbed it. Following that she darted out of her room, she slung the back over her back as she joined the others in the crowded hallway rushing to prepare.

Weaving through the populated corridors she found Nathan in his room. He was putting on his titanium armor.

“I see you got ready fast,” He smiled and belted on his sword. He looked the same as when she had first met him. He had just returned from fighting off a pack of yetis with the draegoni guards, at that time. Now he was suiting up to fight a dragon.

“Yes, I did, and you are nearly ready yourself, are you not?” Enly inquired.

“Yup, all set,” He grabbed his helm from his desk and held his hand towards the door. “Ladies first,” he smiled, in spite of the tense situation.

Enly nodded curtly to him and exited to the hallway. Nathan followed.

“Still no sign of Kail?” he asked as they headed for the city’s exit.


As they spoke a young Draegoni caught up with them.

“Sir, Lady,” he said to them with a bow. Enly and Nathan stopped to look at him.

“The Council requests your presence, they are already in Iscalrith City and want you to join them immediately,”

Enly and Nathan shared a puzzled look. With a thanks to the boy they hurried out of the city leaving the preparing forces behind them.

“Why do they need their entire army to fight one dragon?” commented Enly surprised.

“I’m afraid I don’t know anymore than you do. I thought I heard someone in the halls say there was not one dragon, but hundreds,” Nathan responded with a worried look.

“Hundreds?” gaped Enly.

“Hopefully it was just a rumor,” Nathan brushed her following questions aside as they trudged through the snow to the neighboring city of Iscalrith. A heavy snow storm raged, but the Draegoni traversed their lands mostly through caves, and tunnels, that way they need not worry about the weather. At long last they arrived at the canoes that would take them over the river to the city.

Enly gaped as Nathan tied the small canoe to a dock. The city around them was in chaos. People ran in every direction. It seemed anything that could burn was on fire.

Jumping to her feet she followed Nathan into the city. They quickly made their way to the throne room, where the draegoni council was. It seemed though that the council members were not in the throne room; it appeared to be on fire. They stood outside with nearly fifty other draegoni guarding them. One of them yelled in anger as Nathan approached.

“There you are! What evil magic is this that you and your foul elf friend have brought upon us human!” he roared.

“I’m sorry, I am afraid I don’t know what you mean,” said Nathan calmly.

“There!” Screeched one of the council and pointed.

Enly and Nathan turned to look. Far away, hovering over the city, a huge white, and slightly clear dragon belched flames down upon its victims. Beneath it, standing on a rooftop, Enly could just make out the form of Kail gazing up at the dragon. His hands were held up, and icy blue magic raced from his hands to the dragon above. The magic surrounded the dragon in a mist of blue.

“What is he doing?” asked Enly in horror.

“He is helping that dragon!” yelled a council member. “He keeps casting that spell on the dragon over, and over again. Every time it attacks more ferociously than the last!”

“Take them prisoner!” roared one of the council members as he pointed towards Nathan and Enly.

The guards around them instantly grabbed Nathan, Enly had a split second in which she could make the decision to stay with her friend, or run. She ran, ducking beneath the guards arms she fled into the nearest cave.

Behind her she could hear Nathan’s yells of protest as the Draegoni council accused him of helping Kail to destroy their nation. Enly tried to shut them out, as she darted in and out of caves, drawing ever nearer to the dragon. Draegoni all across the city shot arrows towards it, but they seemed to fly right through the beast.

Enly continued to make her way as fast as she could through the labyrinth of passages that she had traversed many times in her youth. She didn’t know exactly what was going on here. Yet she did know one thing, that dragon wasn’t what it seemed. And only she could stop it.



I have one possibly two more parts on the way :D

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Here we go, last part, I managed to fit it all into one. hope you enjoy it


Memories of her youth bombarded her as she neared the heart of the city. She saw in her mind, her and her brothers running through the streets. She stopped for a moment to catch her breath; leaning against the wall she closed her eyes briefly. That was when it all came flooding back, in only a few seconds she relived the most important day of her life, that she had strived forever to forget.


It had been nearly twenty years ago, there she was, a small child running and playing tag with her two older brothers. She couldn’t have been more than eight. Giggling she ran past a cave entrance, her two brothers following behind her, smiling and laughing. As she passed the entrance something exploded inside, the blast hit Enly, and she was thrown to the ground. Her brothers’s smiles had instantly turned to concern as they rushed to their little sister. Enly had scrambled up and run into the cave, her young heart afraid someone had been injured and forgetting she herself had been hurt. As she entered the cave she found an old man on the floor, several books lay scattered around him. As well as an assortment of magical items. A palm sized stone lay in the man’s hand, he gasped for breath as Enly approached.

“Come here child,” he croaked.

Afraid, yet curious Enly walked towards him. “Sir?” she questioned.

He reached the hand with the stone towards her, his body quivered with the effort. “Take this,” his voice was harsh and cracked. Enly slipped the stone from his hand and clasped it in her own. “Make sure they burn those books child, never again should anyone read them, never again,” With a last effort he collapsed onto the ground.

Enly had sat in horror staring at the body until her brothers came with help. She had been carried away and treated; the man’s body had lain in state there, and then was burned the next day. Enly never knew his name, and never spoke of what she had seen or heard to anyone. To her shame, she did not carry out the man’s request and had let the books be returned to the library. After that though, she had been a changed girl. Her family said she had been cursed by some evil magic the man had been working. She ignored them though, and treasured the stone she had been given, which had the head of a dragon, etched in blue on it. Many years later, after she had left her family and city, because of their scorn for her, she returned to find out what the man had been working on.


Enly forced herself back to the present, yanking her eyes open she clutched at the pack. As she felt the small stone there with several other possessions she knew she had to hurry. Kail had awakened an ancient magic, told of in the books the man had been reading. He had summoned a dragon. Enly had discovered how to stop it. Rushing out of the cave she was currently in, she emerged outside, nearer than ever to the dragon. As she ran forward someone shouted at her.

“You there! What are you doing! Get away!” she ignored the voice and skidded to a halt outside the house upon which Kail stood. The dragon was roaring and trying to strike at Kail. But his blue mist shielded him. Suddenly the dragon swooped low and slammed itself into the house. Enly watched in horror as the house collapsed in on itself. She didn’t know what to do; yet she had to get to Kail. The dragon roared and sifted through the wreckage of the house. Kail stood near its center a magical shield surrounding him. The dragon spotted him and belched flames, the shield protected Kail. But it did not protect the ground on which he stood, for that was nothing but an ice roof to a huge cavern below.

Enly felt the ground beneath her crumble. Kail fell in first, and then the lack of balance threw huge chunks of ice down into the cavern below, the dragon soon followed. And before Enly knew it she was falling down along with a small avalanche of ice. The dragon roared in anger and began to fly out of the cavern. The blue mist covered the hole now, and the dragon was trapped. Enly gasped for air and rolled to her knees. She began to stand, then stopped. A long thin blade was held against her throat.

“Don’t move Enly,” growled the blade’s holder.

“Kail, listen to me, I’m here to help you. I know what going on, you need to stop,” spoke Enly cautiously.

“No! I do not need to stop! I summoned a dragon! I must be the first to have done it in centuries. I will make it listen to me, it shall be a guardian for our lands,”

“Kail it’s destroying the city! You can’t control it! It’s trying to kill you!”

“No, I can handle it I just need more time,”

“Kail listen to me,” Enly had removed her stone from her pack, clutching it tightly in one hand she continued. “I knew the man that tried this twenty years ago, in this very city,”

Kail’s sword faltered. “What, you knew that man?”

“I didn’t know him, I met him though. He tried to summon a dragon, I believe he succeeded. He used the same books as you to make two stones like this,” Enly held her stone out. “He used one, it worked. The dragon he summoned attacked him though, and nearly killed me, but he gave his life to send it away from this world, he saved me. And entrusted to me this stone. He instructed me to burn those books, but I did not, I didn’t want to burn knowledge no matter how dangerous,”

“That man was weak! He couldn’t have controlled a dragon, I can! I am more of a mage than he was! Don’t you dare try to stop me!” Kail turned from Enly and focused on the dragon. The dragon flew in tight circles above them trying to get out of the cavern sealed by Kail’s magic.

“Kail!” Enly yelled at him. Kail ignored her though and tried again to take control of the dragon. The dragon was growing stronger though, and suddenly it burst through the cavern’s barrier. Roaring it launched into the sky and swept over the city outside. Enly watched in horror as it scooped up scores of draegoni in its talons, then dropped them.

Kail’s hands fell limp at his side; he stared frozen at the carnage the dragon wrecked upon the city.

“No, no, it’s not supposed to happen this way,” he mumbled to himself. Enly scrambled to her feet and ran towards him.

“Kail you have to send it away, now listen to me, I studied the books, and I know how to get rid of it!”

Kail looked at her, his eyes blank.

“Leave Enly, I shall send it away,” He said quietly.

“Kail,” She looked at him worried. “No Kail, not like that! That is what killed the other man!”

“No Enly, there is no other way. I tried the way you spoke of the night it attacked you. It doesn’t work,” Kail shoved her away; he bowed his head and took a deep breath.

“Don’t! It will kill you if you do that!” Enly began to return to his side again. She couldn’t though, she felt his magic pulling her away, throwing her out of the cavern. She fell roughly to the ground outside the cave. Looking up she could just make out Kail through the entrance.

“KAIL!” she screamed as loud as she could. Tears streamed down her face, her friend was about to kill himself to get rid of the dragon. If the one who summoned it died, the dragon’s tie to this world would fade and it would vanish.

She watched crying, as Kail turned to face her. I’m sorry, he mouthed at her, and then turned away.

“STOP!” she yelled. It was too late though. Kail had brought the cavern crashing down around him. Enly watched the dragon in a daze, after a few moments of the tumbling rock in from of her, the dragon vanished. Somewhere, deep within that rubble, Kail had just died. He had destroyed the final supports of the cavern, killing himself, and forcing the dragon away. Enly knew not how long she lie there, crying in the snow, before the draegoni found her.

Later she explained what had happened to the council. They decided to let her and Nathan go, but they told them not to return to the draegoni expecting welcome.

The next morning, Enly stood looking at the Iscalrith docks, Nathan came up beside her.

“Where will you go now?” he asked.

“I don’t know, back to home in Melinis I suppose, I liked it here though. You and, and Kail,” she stumbled over his name. “Were the only real friends I’ve had since I was a child,”

“You know, I don’t have much to do myself, and, Kail always talked about starting a group of healers, who could wander the lands,” Nathan said quietly.

“Are you suggesting we carry out his dream?” she inquired.

Nathan nodded. “I thought, we owe it to him. Seeing as he gave his life to fix his mistake,”

“Perhaps. And if we did start such a group, what would it be called?”

“Star,” said Nathan firmly.


“Yes, I don’t know why, but Kail always said he would call it Star,”

“Well then my friend, Star it is,” Enly grasped Nathan’s hand and smiled. Letting go, she turned towards the docks. Star was to be wanderers? Well than she would happily be a part of it. Nathan followed her onto a boat. And the first two members of Star began their first journey across our eternal lands.



There we go, that is the end. Hope you all liked it. :)


and kailo.... well... sorry i had to kill your charcter, but it made for a good story :P

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Just read part three (leaving part four for later, I like to space out a good read :) ).


Nice to see Kails' dark side, but ile still harbour hopes that he is doing it for the greater good. Probably not tho :) since you said i might not like the final part :D I particularly love your attention to detail relating to my two favourite cities (i know them well myself, probably through planning attack hehe).


Okay. Erm yea, liked the action and the way you released half-information. Quite cunning! The chess omens sent me a chill :P


Don't know if I'm allowed to make guesses at part four since it's already posted, but am looking forward to (reading) the final chapter....

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Well well, it's hard to critique writing that does more than read. Loved the flash back, giving you some extra writing space :wub: and so smoothly done "Memories of her youth bombarded her as she neared the heart of the city" Personally I think it was a happy ending :) though tearful.




Some things left un-tied... the stone, the books... I propose a new adventure through the now militarily protected cities of the draegoni, to stop the dragon council from making the same mistakes. And to finally destroy the books. Also (to bring myself back to life hehe) Kail might have fallen through the cave floor onto The Tree of Eternity, the source of all life. That would surely revive him :omg:




Anyway, to agree with moonskimmer, the writing got better and better I think, and more ingenius. Probably because you got more into it yourself, which we then did...




...and so Star was born Aside: *scratches head* I must be getting old.

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I propose a new adventure through the now militarily protected cities of the draegoni, to stop the dragon council from making the same mistakes. And to finally destroy the books. Also (to bring myself back to life hehe) Kail might have fallen through the cave floor onto The Tree of Eternity, the source of all life. That would surely revive him :pinch:




Anyway, to agree with moonskimmer, the writing got better and better I think, and more ingenius. Probably because you got more into it yourself, which we then did...



I was totally thinking the same! Kail needs to be "restored" some how, maybe Enly and the rest of the members of Star can create a spell or potion to revive a loved soul.


You did wonderful, Enly, I loved the story, you should definately do a sequel :P

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@ Lexi and Kailo, as soon as I relized I was going to kill Kail, I knew I would have to do a sequel. I'm kinda working on it here and there, but, at the moment I am more focused on my current story about Sarma the gnome.


Thank you all for your reading it. :medieval:

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Sarma the Gnome eh? Sounds interesting! I would love to read it when you are done :D

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*completely spoils the story and lets everyone in on a little secret*


If i ever get time to write it... there will be a sequel where i bring Kail back :D

After all he is currently leading guild star... how could he be if he were dead? :D

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