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Auctioning Steel Greaves of Ubber Defense

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Auctioning Steel Greaves of Ubber Def Same as regular Steel Greaves, but with a 2.5% chance to increase your defense +5 each time you are hit.



Auction will end Sunday evening at 8:00pm PST

Starting bid: 300kgc

Bid increments: 10kgc


Aside from gc I will accept the following items for their corresponding value:

Hydro bars 10k

Wolf bars 7.5k

Binding stones 6.5k

EFE 5k

Enrichment stones 4k

Serpent stones 2k

Steel bars 45gc


I may accept other items, but please pm me first to ask if what you want to offer is something I will accept in trade.


EDIT: I don't accept $USD


If you wish to bid anonymously then either forum pm me or pm me in game.


Auction has ended: Rusikus, pm me in game to complete the sale please

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