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Dear you who handles the banns

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I have come here to ask a simple question and I hope somebody can answer to it.

It's about my nice and helpful character Nicom, but lets figure out the backgrounds first :D

The last time I played EL was a quite long time ago (can't remember anymore) and that's because I got distracted by Pokemon Sapphire (i know i know, it's pokemon but it can be quite addictive!). After I almost completed Sapphire I got distracted again by Warzone 2100, and after I had several times pwned my friends I moved on to LOTR:TTA and now when I have completed 99% of it I decided to return to EL. There might be some times I visited EL, but I really can't remember any.... :P

Now to the point! When I happily was making my comeback to EL, I discovered that I had been banned, quite a shock at that moment.

And now to that question I mentioned before, was my Nicom banned because he did something bad? or was it because of that bad IP-range-thingy? And when did this happen? (ok, there was 3 questions sorry)



Sorry about the long post, I just wanted to make everything clear :)

Waiting for your replys me, the average cape crusader Nicom :)

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