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Guild Storage Characters (non-scripted)

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Ruleset for manually run Guild Storage Characters: these do not apply to an approved trade bot being used as a guild storage(which must be approved FIRST), or approved and paid for Bot Guild Storage, such as the service Learner provides.



1. Guild storage characters must be paid for as it is considered a bot ($20 standard or $100 blessed), even though it is manually being run, not using an automated script/program/code.


2. Guild storage characters must follow all applicable bot rules. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30163


3. Manually run guild storage characters can ONLY be located at a storage location and cannot move from there (exception to bot rules).


4. Guild storage characters cannot stay logged in. Log on, use it, and log it off. (We are talking minutes, not hours). It is not to stay logged on for the duration of a project.


5. All game rules still apply. You cannot use this character to cheat or break the rules in ANY way.


6. Eternal Lands is NOT responsible if you give the password out to a less than stellar person and your stuff gets stolen. As with any character, once you give out the password, it is not our job to get your stuff back if you made a bad judgement call.

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