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:D ((OOC: This RP is meant to be as a comedy, feel free to join in or add to it so long as you type it with understandable grammar, that means no pr0 pWnD, no it was 3 in teh morning thats whhhhy its typpeded thaaat wwwway, because how are people who read this suppose to laugh when they cant understand what they read? lol btw you dont have to have PERFECT punctuation, just... have that special feel for it ;) ))


Oh, what a lovely day it was in Isla Prima, the Wraith was busy helping newcomers, fallen warriors and victims were emerging from the exit of the underworld, and people of various strengths and skills were around the campfire or helping to tend the garden north of the campfire. *BAM* "White Mage Zelse here to heal!" yelled Zelse as he beamed into Isla Prima with Scotty's help. "Yeah yeah yeah whatever." said one of the campfire patrons who probly had heard Zelse say that many times. "All better." said Zelse as he healed a wounded person who had obviously suffered from twig scratches. "How on earth did a lil'ol stick scratch hurt you so badly?" asked Zelse. "No...no it was no ordinary stick," said the individual with a crazed look on him face, "it broke all my armor...ALL MY ARMOR!!!" By this time the person was drawing up a large crowd of spectators who came to investigate the commotion. "I...I could not catch his name...he was in black, all black!!! and he used that branch like it was a mighty sword!" the person was still in panic, "some of my friends who are stronger than me, MUCH stronger, came to help me..." he got quiet, "but then.... then he... he began to multiply, one then two then four then twelve and and and!"

"Calm down!" said a spectator who kicked the nervous wreck, "tell us what happend." "W-well once we lost count of how many mystery men there were, they all began to summon rabbits!" Everyone who heard this went crazy with fear, a multiplyer's multiples coulde summon fluffys! "I KNOW I KNOW I WAS SCARED TOO," continued the derranged person, "BUT THOSE BROWN RABBITS ONLY WON BY SHEER NUMBER!" Hearing this, the crowd stopped panicing and began to laugh saying rude comments like weakling and little girl((OOC: newb)). "wait wait!" continued the individual. "No I think we've heard enough." replied someone in the crowd. "But thats not all!" he said. the crowd was begging to depart, but those who wanted to have a good laugh stayed. "It wasnt the rabbits that got us... it was the grues," he said gravely, "hundreds of them came and ate us and the rabbits that were near us! I was digested the quickest because I lost my armor to the man in black thats why I was able to make it out faster than my freinds!" he said in one big huff. Just then a little dark dwarf in all black appeared on top of the ledge that lead to the Isla Prima tower...

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