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How old are you?

What's your age again?  

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  1. 1. My age is ...

    • between 5 and 10
    • between 11 and 15
    • between 16 and 20
    • between 21 and 25
    • between 26 and 30
    • between 31 and 40
    • between 41 and 50
    • between 51 and 60
    • older than 61!

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I'll be 30 this summer, my honey (MilesP) is only 26 (yeah yeah, we've heard it all before) and our two oldest play as well, 9 and almost 11.


wait a sec.. 9 and 11 yrs?

so you were 19 and your hunny 15? o_0

im just curious :):lurker:


#EDIT: thx coolio for pointing out lol.. i had a brainfart...



Yep thats exactly how old my honey and I were when my oldest was born....


*note* in today's world, many circumstances dictate what a family is. do not make the mistake of assuming anything.....


I have of course no problem with :) I was just curious if this really is like that. the difference between my girl is a bit higher like your difference to your boy :) so i kinda understand. Well just amazed getting childs with that age :D i respect that of course no worries ;)


ya see... there's this little thing called divorce.....

and finding a someone special that claims your children as his own....


silly me, didn't know it was needed to explain the circumstances of my 'real' life....

(is exactly why i said not to assume)

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14 :happy:


i've remember someone saying they thought i was alot older lol :hehe:


Well, I said you were mature for your age, and you laughed and said you had never heard that one before :happy:

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i swear i heard a 4 year old plays this...

you are correct, Blackthorne's daughter is 4 and she plays a bit, she will have a pro character once she gets a little older and understands the game a little better.

Yes, that would be me. I'm 33 and my daughter, now 5, started playing when she was 4.

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Compiled from cvs in the long hot summer of '76.

(that means my parents wre unpacking the source and running configure somewhere between xmas '75 and newyear '76) ;-)

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