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Guild FURY

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I would like to declare any member of the guild fury as outlaws (as a pre-warning).


As a self decalared guild of scammers/bagjumpers (and any other antisocial activity), it will be interesting to see if they survive as long as the LCS (lie/cheat/steal) guild..(or was that :LSC ?? either way..just another forgettable attemp to gain noteriety without actually having any members who could win a fight in PK :P).


Its good to have a guild that we can declare open season on.... ;)


By the way... If you doubt my claims, see their own homepage.. In paticular this post in their forum...(Mainly quests 4 and 5). Also feel free to steal their spawns as they will do it to you..(even though at best it would be a fem gob spawn.... :w00t: ).



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