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Server Update

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Gypsum and Turqoise moved under minerals (in the storage)

Hopefully finally fixed the visibility bug for bots and NPCs

The magic (glowing) weapons made stronger

The bronze armor made better (some penalties decreased)

The passive camouflage cape has been added in the game, and it's available for the time being as a very rare drop from some selected strong monsters. This cape will be manufacturable under the engineering skill in the future (this summer), and the ingredients cost will be around 40K, so keep that in mind if you buy one.

The artificer cape finally added, as a rare drop. As a consequence, the NMT cape drops have been decreased (now for each previous NMT drop, there is a chance to get a NMT or an Artificer cape).

Removed a double entry for the yeti summoning, which caused some confusion.

Fixed the day of no breaking description.

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