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I am sad i have to post this:


Erstad, by his own admission, is a outlaw



[11:07:20] niemand: hey

[11:07:26] niemand: thats miine

[11:07:36] [PM to Erstad: please move]

[11:07:52] niemand: erstad give it back

[11:08:34] [PM from Erstad: ty :D]

[11:08:45] #Ig [niemand->DoA] erstad: i ould like my things back

[11:09:04] #GM from dre: wat is er?

[11:09:07] [PM from Erstad: no]

[11:09:21] #Ig [niemand->DoA] i will wait 1 minute then i post on forum

[11:09:28] [PM from Erstad: be my guest :hehe:]

[11:09:35] [PM from Erstad: why wait a minute?]

[11:10:00] #Ig [niemand->DoA] everybody deserves a change

[11:10:08] Guild Death On Arrival has 63 members. The guild URL is: http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?Guil...mp;TabID=883665

General info: We are DoA (Death on Arrival), a partial PK guild that accepts every skill. We have fun and allow honorable PKing. NO bagjumpers or scammers!

[11:10:08] Joining the guild: Please have a level of 35 Attack/Defense or another level of 30 besides harvest or Oa. Contact Kidberg,Acidic,ElWood,or Robotbob for more info.

[11:10:42] #Ig [niemand->DoA] I would like to speak to a guildleader

[11:10:54] #GM from dre: wat is er niemand

[11:11:07] #GM from niemand: ik misklikte en werd gejumped

[11:11:07] [PM from Erstad: Kidberg is the GM of DoA]

[11:11:18] [PM from Erstad: dont think he is online atm]

[11:11:29] No player is in the game with the name of kidberg

[11:11:34] #GM from dre: minder

[11:12:32] #Ig [niemand->DoA] doa's informatie clearly states that the guild doesn't accept bagjumpers. I like to know what the guild-leaders will do

[11:12:52] [PM from robotbob: talking to him]

[11:12:59] [PM to robotbob: ok]

[11:13:05] [PM from Erstad: true, I choose to break guild rules, and perhaps Kidberg will choose to kick me :wub:]

[11:14:59] [PM from Erstad: my apologies if I have ruined your day, I just enjoy BJ'ing too much :) it is just a game to have fun after all]

[11:15:43] [PM to Erstad: if your idea of fun is ruining the fun of others, i pitty you]

[11:16:11] [PM from Erstad: I didnt intend to ruin your fun, tis a shame if that is the side effect of playing the game]

[11:16:32] [PM to robotbob: i seems he will not return my stuff]

[11:16:52] [PM from robotbob: im giving him a last warning]

[11:18:51] [PM to robotbob: i will post him on forum in outlaws]

[11:19:03] [PM from robotbob: give me a moment]

[11:21:26] [PM to robotbob: as far as i am concerned he is an outlaw. ]

[11:21:58] [PM to robotbob: I hope your guild wil do the right thing]

[11:22:07] [PM from robotbob: im working on it ..sigh]

[11:29:34] [PM to robotbob: any progress ?]

[11:29:47] [PM from robotbob: its coming to an end I may have to boot.]

[11:36:29] [PM to robotbob: i am posting my log, what's the verdict of doa ?]

[11:36:43] [PM from robotbob: i am trying to get him to type leave]


[11:41:07] [PM to robotbob: just kick him, thats easier]

[11:42:03] [PM from robotbob: I kick him]

[11:42:27] [PM to robotbob: ok thanks for your time]

[11:42:29] [PM from robotbob: and my apologies I couldnt talk him into returning]



A call to all allies and friends to kick his ass

( though i doubt he'll show up that often in PK-maps)

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That doesnt sound lik eErstad, he muled for me dozens of times, never seen any of this before, and he never tried to jip or steal from me when he muled.

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This is actually the 2nd bagjump he has done in a few weeks. The last time I got him to

return. He told me from nearly the day I recruited him he planned to take bags\scam and the only

thing that stopped him was our guild's policy on that behavior. He fully believes he can scam & bagjump

and if it gets to be too much he will just get a name change. So I recommend no one allows him to mule,

I assume once he stands on your bag, he will call the members of his new scam\bj guild "fury" to come mule it instead. He is a nice guy, but has chosen to play the game in this way due to that fact the behavior

is entirely legal by the offical game rules. However, this behavior is abhored by the unwritten society rules,

since playing this game requires you to interact with that society, ones trading ability can and will come

to a near standstill.


Anyway, as the person that remove him from the guild, I want to make clear this -is- him and his planned

future behavior. It was painful to boot him and even more painful to post this. Sigh.


If any of this is doubt. Please look at his unforunate site for his guild:



its entirely up to the EL community to make his venture unproductive.




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I saw him/her (character is male in appearance) do such behaviour using Bafunga as a mule to empty another players production bag ... no idea if this is his friend or an alt of his/hers. Erstad stood stood on bag and traded to bafunga many times to empty bag of contents.


Was about 4 weeks back (iirc) in MM sulphur mine.


I will dig out the log if it has any relevance.... several of us questioned the action involved... erstad was arrogant and rude to those questioning it's actions. Said it had it's guild leaders approval or permission to do this crud at the time.


At least DoA finally kicked the sorry scrud out...

Edited by Ikaris

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I would have booted then had it been reported to us. I wonder now

how many times this occured and no one reported it. I received one report (active

he was taking at the time) and I talked him into returning and I said if he felt this behavior

may return to save me the time and type #leave. Instead I wasted 40mins of EL play with

his antics again. :P

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