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*Just a little note, all players of eternal lands are eternals, we spawn into the underworld when we die, only to come back on Isle Prima. And also, if you do decide to post, please give your character a death or a dramatic exit. Open to any and all!*


The 3rd Mortun in the month of Mortia was always bad luck for the dwarf named Grogan, but this year would be worse than all before. The morning already gave him a hard time, he couldn't find his pickaxe, his food fell on the floor as he opened a storage crate, and his ankle was twisted on a rock trying to climb up to his other storage boxes.


Grogan heard a marching band coming along the road to the Desert Pines arena. Grogan was on his way to the Crystal Caverns to harvest some sulfur, but decided to stay when he heard the band coming. Grogan saw several people he knew, but they were all ready to fight. Grogan went up to one of his guild members, Ervak, and asked why everybody was ready to fight. "Many guilds are here. If you didn't hear, a group of new monsters has come through portals. That marching music isn't from a band. That is actually from their war drums. They are much like ourselves. They have two legs, two arms, and a head and body quite like ours. But these are a diffrent people. They are short, like you, and very strong. They wield weapons and armors unlike any ever seen by many's eyes. Some have said it is made of Dvarium, but I don't believe it exists. And what many say Dvarium is like doesn't match these items, but anyway, you should arm yourself. Get your gear."


Grogan went to storage to get his titanium chainmail and his other strongest armor, and his titanium steel alloy long sword. When Grogan got back to the arena, almost everyone was slaughtered. He saw many dead and wounded. He healed Ervak and others he knew, including Stormie, Spirited, and his good friend Wilbur Whateley. "My good friend! What happened?" Wilbur had a new scar on his face. "Those Kyrotes killed nearly all of us. One of them got me on the face. He stole my sword, and hit me with my own steel. I heard an order that said they are going to Corren and try to take the docks there. We can't let them get those docks! I didn't hear anything else." Grogan finished healing the others that were still alive, but couldn't bring Dave78 back, and he was most likely dead. "Go, what's left of you the the Corren docks. I'll tell the rest of the Rangers that we have some business to take care of. Don't worry. Theryndan and Oromis will rip through each little Kyrote and keep their heads as trophies." And with that, they departed towards Corren, and Grogan ran like a marathon runner towards the Myandar gold mine, where the Ranger's fort had been during the Chaotic Times.

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Grogan made his way to Mynadar. He ran into a few guild parties on the way, and tried to explain to them that the monsters were making their way to Corren. As he arrived at the Ranger's Fort, he quickly demanded that he saw the guild council. The guild council met in the large room they had been in years before when Mortos had captured the moderators. Grogan choked out, "We have a problem guys. If you haven't heard already, there are a race of demons that made their way here. They're on their way to Corren to attempt to capture the docks there. We need you guys!" And Grogan collapsed on the cold stone. Tired from running miles on his short legs. Theryndan, the guildmaster, stood. "Well, we can't let these beasts run around killing innocent people. One of our reasons of existence is to help those in need. Oromis, get as many men as you can to armor up and meet Grogan and I at the docks on the river. We'll gather up some of the surronding villagers and put together a fleet. We'll sail to Corren and have our archers rain arrows on the creatures. The warriors you gather will get into smaller boats, and row to shore. You'll start the head-on attack. Rangers, buona fortuna. Good luck." And with that, the guild council and Grogan departed to the armory, with high morale.


As Grogan finished gearing up, he met Theryndan at the fort's exit. They sped up their walking pace toward the town center. As they neared storage, they saw a large crowd swallowing Molgor. He was handing boxes left and right, even with some help from locals. Grogan mustered up his voice. "People of Seridia! The guildmaster of the Rangers of the North, Theryndan!" Theryndan stood on several boxes for effect. "I'm pretty sure you are aware of our current problem! The creatures from another world are rampaging several maps away! In Corren, monsters are rampaging for control of the docks. We need all citizens to muster your arms and meet us on the common at exactly 0:30! Anybody with a ship or boat of any size, lift anchor! We are in need at Corren." Theryndan finished. Then, the two walked from door to door, knocking on every last shop. Then to the homes. As Grogan's knuckles came down on the door, someone immediately answered.

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