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The Prattler

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I know there will be a few spelling mistakes but bear with me. ;)

The Prattler


Once upon a time somewhere in space a boy was born. Although he didn’t know it the boy was distend to become the wise all knowing Prattler.

As a small boy John Lind listened to the tales of his grandfather as they sat and watched the fire crackle in there small log cabin. John always loved fire, the way it burned, the way it had a mind of its own. When his grandfather passed away John remembered the stories he told him in perfect detail, and loved to tell his little sister sally who had been to little to remember the stories of there grandfather.

Years later John became a small land farmer like his father and grandfather, and every night after the sheep and hoarse had fell asleep John would sit and watch the fire he had build in the fire place of the small wooden cabin him and his sister lived in.

One year on John 30ith birthday a large storm was hanging over head, John got the sheep and houses into a barn then when't inside and started to watch the fire. After John and his sister sally fell asleep, the fire was just burning coals and rain was pouring down outside a large bolt of lightning struck a large oak tree near by, causing it to smash into the small cabin where John and his sister lived.

John sister Sally was awaked as the tree broke its way into the living room of the small cabin where John lie, John was pinned under the tree and out cold. After getting help from neighbors near by John was finally freed from under the tree, but John still lay out cold.

Hours later when John finally came to he was startled to see his sister looking over him, He did not recognize Sally. Sally tried to explain to John that she was his sister but he did not listen.

During the next few weeks John walked along grass land looking blankly into the sky, he refused to believe that Sally was his sister so one cold winter morning John left the little wooden cabin and never came back.

John wandered the countryside finding places to sleep and people kind endue to take him into there homes, and telling them the stories that his grandfather had told him.

One day while John was walking he stumbled upon a small island and build himself a small shelter and decided to stop wandering and settle down here.

Weeks when’d by as John build a shelter and found food on the island and most importantly a large fire to watch on the cold lonely nights, until one warm night a small group of traders stumbled upon Johns Island. The traders saw smoke coming from the island and wanted to find out if anyone lived there, when they saw John sitting and watching his fire.

The traders sat down and John welcomed the company, they talked for hours and John shared the stories of his grandfather with them. The next morning the traders had to move on, but the promised John that they would come back and visit him when they came back this way.

When the trader’s when't on there way they told people they met about the wonderful stories that they had heard from John.

One week later the traders returned but with more people, some of the people that came with the traders decided to settle themselves on the small island.

Not long later the island became a small town but John remained settling and every night watched his fire and told the stories that his grandfather had told him.

As time passed on John became known as the Prattler sharing the stories of his grandfather to anyone with and open ear. The young boy was indeed distend for great things, and he still sits at his fire telling his stories, you should go visit him.

By: xbox360

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