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The discovery of special stones

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It T'was not but a few years before the discovery of coal. In a time where new technological advances and scientific revolution was blosoming.


A young male human by the name of Alsulit was playing around under a steep cliff in south redmoon. While dancing around with a wooden sword in hand prentending to be a heroic warrior like his father Blipalden the Bold, he got a massive headache and fell backward on the ground. Meekly looking up at the cieling of the cliff he saw a ghostly figure apear. Alsulit was dazed and confused with not a clue as to what was going on. But the figure kept sinking towards him. Slowly, Alsulit reached up and his hand purged through the spector, and in an intense and dramatic fashion, he went into a rigid coma.

He dreamed of the tiniest little bearded man that he had ever seen. The man was coincidently standing in the exact location where Alsulit had been under the cliff. The little man had some strange type of axe in his hand that he was using to blast away at the rocky cliff wall. All of a sudden the man droped his tool and reached out into the rock and grabbed something. He turned around and with an astonished look in his eyes held out a glowing stone of all types of miraculous colours. Then he unexpectedly looked directly at Alsulit and winked.

Alsulit awoke with not but the slightest clue of what had just occured. But with a splitting headache he looked over at the cliff wall. And to his surprise he noticed that the strange tool that the man of his imagination was using. He picked up the axe-like thing and starting hammering away at the rock wall such as he saw in his dream. All of a sudden there was a loud rumbling sound and a big crack from above. Alsulit looked up to see that the cliff was collasping upon him! As fast as he could he scrambeled out from underneath the cliff, but a large chunk of rock had hit him upon the head, knocking him unconcious and greatly squishing him into a short pudgey little man.

Several years later Alsulit came back to the site of the incident, with his pick-axe tool in hand he started hammering away at the rock wall in front of him. Then something strangly familiar happened, he saw a twinkle of light within the rock and started to wiggle it out of the surounding rock. Holding the strange shiny stone in his hand, he turned around and held it up to the light when he noticed a little boy standing before him. Now Alsulit knew exactly what was going on and he winked at the boy and smiled.

The boy disapeared from his view and he continued to mine away at the rock finding various amount of these stones. He mined them to such great extent that he had created an entire cavern that branched out in many directions. Inside this cavern he had discovered iron ore which was thought to only have existed in the mainland before, and another strange ore that he later named coal.

To this day the cavern is well occupied with miners frantically chipping away at these precious metals and every once in a while, if they are lucky they will stumble upon one of the few stones that the great grandfather of mining and the first dwarf of legend spoke of, the mighty Alsulit had overlooked.


This is a tale told by mothers and fathers to their sons and daughters explaining the creation of dwarves and why they love to mine so much.


(This is my very first role-playing/story that I have ever made, tell me what you think, and please tell me if it makes any sence at all)

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well for your first story it's not bad!

It is a bit confusing at times though. However writing stories is like drawing, what it takes to get better at them is to keep on writing, practice, practice! So keep practicing and you'll do well :medieval:

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