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Server Update

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Slightly increased the gold coins the goblins drop.

Toadstools (red mushrooms) can now be eaten for 10 food points, no cooldown. The catch is, there is a 5% chance to get poisoned. It also increases the food level up to 55.

Toadstools now weight 2 EMU

4 new storage NPCs added in C2. Destiinta was moved a little to be more accesible. Some of those storagers are not yet marked on the tab maps.

A few other NPCs added as well in C2. Some of them buy items no other NPC buys, so you might want to go look for them.

New item: Red Dragon Scale, dropped by the Red Dragons (duh). This item will be used for a new armor in the future.

The break rate for the Harvester Medallion has been decreased to 3% (from 5%).

Reduced the breaking rate of the Unbreakable cape to 0.7% (from 0.8%)

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