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hosting and server traffic

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I need to figure out what it costs to run a high throughput commercial website. Its just a matter of what it would cost, and then discuss that in order to decide whether we'll go through with this.


From what I can see, the following possibilities exist: to rent a webspace of some kind, or to put a 24h server in the shack on a DSL connection. Both are feasible enough. The question is what data transfer will cost. The company already has a reasonably fast internet access, used for standard browsing and emails etc.


Is it possible to operate a powerful webserver on a standard DSL? How does a game like EL handle this for example? Or wikipedia (to name something pretty massive)?

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That connection is undoubtedly dynamic, can't check it right now though. I suppose getting a static IP isn't going to cost much more on the same package but I think both will do fine anyhow.


All I need to know is how much traffic every dollar will buy, as a general indication, and if getting a paid webspace is preferable to setting up a machine by ourselves. there must be a zillion people on EL who know this by experience.


Another question, if the site gets flattened by ddos attacks, will there be an unexpectedly high bill and if so, what kind of bill.

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