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Screenshot Contest

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UPDATE!: Since this is obviously moving pretty slow and so is the pile o prizes, I'm extending this another month to end at the end of February, date TBA. This should allow more people to get screenshots in and also to make the prizes a little more rewarding


Felt like starting up another little contest here!


For this one, it's all about the screenshots.


I'm splitting it into 2 categories, "Comedy" and "Badass", pretty self-explanitory.

Post up the funniest screenshot you've ever taken or the coolest shot. You can submit screenshots for both, but you can only win prizes for one screenshot.



I'm setting the final date for this to be Sunday, January 28th!


For prizes, I don't quite have much on hand right now, but I'll be adding prizes to the "pile" here for the winners to choose (which hopefully will become a little more lucritive) :


Prize choices:

-Titanium/Steel Longsword

-Titanium Chain Armor

-100 Fire Essences

-1000 bones

-70 Deer furs+antlers

-10 pairs of fur gloves


**If you are willing to donate prizes that would be great! pm me in game and let me know


As the winners are announced, they may choose 1 prize, once the prize is claimed, the next winner in the lineup gets to choose from the remaining prizes, until none are left (so there may be as many as 5 winners for each category)


ps: Like my last contest, I'm going to get me and a few friends to do the choosing of the winners so it's a fair turnout in the end

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ok heres a badass kind of one... well if you look at how much health it hit me for!!


I also thought I'd thin the red dragon posts straight away, cos I reckon there may be a fair few




PS. I have a funny one of me standing behind a frozen garg (daytime) that is bent over... have to see if I can find it, and if it is appropriate to post :)

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One thing I'd like to ask of everyone seeing that pic, PLEASE cut out all the background stuff and just have the game itself, just is more pleasant to look at and also will be less of an eyesore for me on "judgement day" *I have a feeling I'll be looking at 100 O.o, the less clutter the better*

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Updated a bit, going to extend this a month so there's more people in it as well as better prizes

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Ok, I'm in!


Here's the first:


(No offense Radu, it happens to almost everyone :icon13: )


Here's the dreaded EL army:



And finally, meet our newest guild member:




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I'll see what I can dig up aswell. Some may be a bit older though.


Teaming some Feros with my sweetie. :hug:



Owning in front of a stamped arena. \o/



Showing off some power at the DP arena.



An invisible killer?



Why not to try and fight Radu.



Aahh, robbing some poor harvesters is a good way to wake up.



Aaand, killing an arctic with way too low a/d. :blush: And damn I miss Puna.. :(




Well, thats for me then. Yes, all the pics include me, I used to be ssjGohan, in case you didn't know.



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resubmitted without the huge white borders

Edited by Ateh

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I guess you put this in paint... You have to scroll your mouse over the blue dots at the edges so your cursor changes into a doubble arrow. Then you click (and hold) the left mouse button, and move it towards the edge of your screenshot to remove the white.


Here are the blue dots: http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/1015/examplecl0.png

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