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Hey, I posted something about a dungeon I woke up in...where'd ot go???!!!??!!


Grogan woke up in a small cell chained to the wall. He was STARVING! A loaf of bread was on the cold stone floor. Oh it was so good, disregarding the mold growing on the bottom. "How long have I been in here?" Just then, a HUGE dark elf appeared next to the cell. "Hey tiny. You gonna mine me silver today, and you going to like it. If you no get 3000 ores in two hours, me gonna eat your face!" Grogan knew it would be too easy to escape. A big dumb elf must've been the 'boss' the two smaller dark elves were talking about. The smaller orchan next to the 'boss' explained their plot to him. (Not knowing Grogan would later escape and post it on an RP thread :D ) He started his speech: "Here in Nordcarn big Boss Krautsom has a full scale mining operation going on. You will get one loaf of bread per thousand silver ores. You will then use one of the mine carts and transport it to the alchemy cave, where our humans and draegoni are constantly building fire essences and making bars. Then you will run the cart of bars from there to the smithing cave, where the elves and gnomes pound out the bars into rings, medallions, armors, weapons, and crowns. Every Aurun, you will go and get ingrediants for fire essences, and any molds the smiths need. And lastly, every Dranum you will mine gold ores, smelt them, and put them in the coin molds. Also on Dranum you will mine gems to implant in our jewels. Once you are done for the week, you get one half-day of rest and a loaf of bread. If you are a good little dwarf, we might let you run the harvesting operations, become an alchemist, or possibly run the shop up in the town. Don't even THINK about escaping, because we have trained chimerians ready to devour you if you put one hair across the line. And in 50 years, if you are still alive, you can set up another Krautsom Metal Goods store on another area. Maybe in Portland, because the men have only gone to Whitestone City and Mynadar. And with that, here is your pickaxe (one with a rusty iron head whose handle looked like a termite snack.) Now go mine ores and coal." Grogan set off to mine at the command; The 50kg ball chained to his foot not helping any.

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The inside of the tavern seemed to darken,and everyone felt a bit of a shock down there spine. Out of nowhere in the middle of the tavern a portal with a pentangle symbol and some other markings appeared. There was a flash,and there stood a Tall Man,Dressed in Black robes top to bottom.He was obviously a Mage of Sorts.Maybe one not to be trusted. He was holding a book,and looked as he was very interested in it. 'Hello all,name is BuLDOZR. Ive been lookin for a Chap of mine by the name of Grogan. Hes an Eager APprentice,and he hasnt been around to receive his Daily lesson. I tried to teleport him To my shop,but everytime i do..."

He put his hands out in front of him,did some sign movments,and said "In-Ka-no-jojo-heim!"

There was a red flash,and dust apperead from his hands.

"He must be under a magic-deteriating Pentangle. But he would be able to espcape it if he could run some,for the center of the pentangle follows him. It is very slow though,and is invisible to the untrained eye. Perhaps he has something inhibiting his ability to move? bah,maybe hes just mad that i punished him for not casting a new spell of mine correctly. i Have many spells the other Magicians of our lands do not,suc as this..."

He did some hand movements and gestures,and said


He pointed to a large lump of coins on the floor behind krakas and laughed a bit.

'so,has anyone seen grogan?'


(this is my first one,so,go teh easyness.XD)


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as i walked into the tavern i noticed an odd looking wizard looking at every1 with an expecting look in his eye but was to drunnk to figure out what i noticed the tavern to have a bit more people in it than usual, nevertheless, i sat down and ordered a mug of ale and noticed that beside me sat a small gnome. i suddenly noticed it was happy_G. HELLO i shouted and patted him on the back and continued to talk to him. ive had a rough week mate, not doin much but walkin around to the taverns and havin myself a brew at each. i woke up in tirnym yesterday O-O. how goes your life and whats with the wizerd with the book? also i have been on a few raiding parties and the docks when i last rememberd looking up in the eyes of a chimmy

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Grogan could feel the strange presence. He knew immediately that his master trying to find him. It had only occured to him that he was missing his lessons. Ever since he was a lad of 12 his father paid for magic lessons. Now 57, Grogan was still at lessons, and would continue for centuries. He still couldn't do it right. At a young age, he showed an interest, but lack of talent or ability in magic. Dwarven blood never allowed much magic for many, but Grogan's family was one of the few dwarven families that had the ability to cast advanced magic. Many of his ancestors were famous magi, including a warrior of Glilin's. The only mystery is that Grogan's family is completely pureblooded dwarf as far as they could trace. It was never known a pureblood dwarf could cast advanced magic such as the magic taught by BulDozr.


"Ki-tuo-unum-fai." Grogan whispered under his breath as he rolled around on the ground, looking quite stupid. He and his master now had a intuitive connection. YES! Grogan had temporarily escaped his little 'preventive bubble', or at least that's what he called it. BulDozr's eyes became Grogan's. He could see the massive mining operations and all of the enslaved populations. He spyed the two dark elves that captured him and the very large, stupid-looking one that was probably the boss. It was time.


"Job-tin-ka-kriu." He said, rolling on the floor again. He thanked his father silently for making him run up and down the hills of his native Nordcarn. Their estate in the northwestern Elavro Mountains itself sat on a large hill his father trained him on. He was being told it was to hunt with stronger legs. He ran for hours on end, building his already massive leg muscles. Now he could move this over 100lb ball chained to his leg. The spell he cast sent a signal beacon to his master, displaying his exact position on a mental map of Nordcarn. Grogan could see it too. Only five kilometers from his family estate. He had always wondered as a boy what the large cave his father wouldn't let him in was.


Suddenly, the two dark elves came up to him. "Casting some spells, are we?" The hooded one said. He punched Grogan hard in the nose. Blood came pouring down. The other held Grogan's hand behind his back and tied them with a very strong rope. Grogan could feel magical energy coming from this rope. It had a strong spell on it. The hooded elf punched him again, right in the stomach. The other sweeped Grogan with his foot to the cold ground. The two heaved him on their shoulders. Grogan struggled to break free. He was carried to a cramped, damp and cold room, tossed in, and was locked in with a large set of Seridium bars in his face. Feeling a sharp pain in his right flank, he dozed off...

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