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Know any good webcomic?

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ooo you guys for got the noob comic


Actually i didn't, click the "b" in Noob in my post and u'll get there :)

Ansh didn't want it there so i snuck it in anyways :w00t:


The Order of the Stick is hilarious. When I finish with this one will move to others. Thanks


NP :D I read that one all the time it's very funny

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Comics i read:

8 bit theater

Adventures of Dr. Mcninja

Alien Loves Predator

Ask Dr. Eldritch

Chugworth academy


Ctrl Alt Del

Concerned(no longer updated)

Dungeon Crawl Inc


Elf only inn

Gone with the Blastwave

Maxwell the Demon

Sluggy Freelance

Two lumps(adventures of ebenezer and snooch)

The last days of FOXHOUND

The n00b

The order of the stick

VG cats

---Not for the general public---

Elftor,Purple pussy :P

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I've got a long list! Web comics are great stuff, and cover everything.... no newspaper necessary! Someday I'll do my own..... if I can stop playing EL..... :bow_arrow::P:P


Rogues of Clwyd Rhan






That's about 5% of what I follow.... also why I don't chat much in game!

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