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Gurild command section upadate

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When I came back from long absent, I realized that the guild command ingame files are outdate and very badly organized. So have take on self redo whole section for better organized and most up to date.

Here what I have so far

tagname -description

Commands that anyone can do

#guild_info <tagname> - Gets you info about a guild.

#join_guild <guildname> - Join a guild. You need at least a skill over 20.

#make_guild - It's obvious what it does. You'll need 30k gold coins (which will dissapear, after you make the guild), and you need at least 1 skill over 39.

Rank 1+ commands

#allies_list - Lists all allied guilds

#enemies_list - View the enemy guilds

#ig_block_list - List blocked guilds

#jc guild - Joins you to the guild channel.

#leave_guild - Leave your guild, you can't join another guild for 2 ingame days.

#list_guild - Lists the guild members

#view_guild_colors - Displays the colors assigned to other guilds.

#rank - Display player who type it rank

Rank 5+ commands

#gm <message> - Sends a blue message to everyone in the guild.

Rank 6+ commands

#ig <tagname> <message> - Send another guild a message

Rank 10+ commands

#set_desc <description> "- Sets a guild description. Something like: ""Our guild is kewl, and we kill players and we gather in Portland, at 45 433"""

#set_join_info <join_info> - This sets the join info field, so people can know what are the conditions to join a guild.

#set_url <url_address> - This sets the guild site URL, so people can see the guild website.

Rank 15+ commands

#accept <playername> - it accept a person into the guild

Rank 18+ commands

#set_guild_color <tagname> <color> - Change the displayed color of a guilds tag (red, dark_red, blue, light_blue, dark_blue, green, dark_green, yellow, dark_yellow, purple, dark_purple, grey, brown, orange)

Rank 19+ commands

#change_rank <playername> <rank#> - Change someone's rank/privilege

#ig_block <tagname> - Block a guild from sending messages

#ig_unblock <tagname> - Unblock a guild from sending messages

#rank <playername> - Displays the rank of the name

#remove <playername> - Remove someone from the guild. A removed player doesn't need to wait 2 days to join some other guild.

#set_ally_guild <tagname> - Allies your guild with a another guild

#set_enemy_guild <tagname> - Declare War (Cost 1000gc)

#set_short_name <tagname> - The name has to be a string between 2 and 4 characters, that will be UNIQUE for your guild, and all the guild members will have that near their name.

#unset_ally_guild <tagname> - Cancels alliance with other guild

#unset_enemy_guild <tagname> - Declare Peace (Cost 5000gc)

Rank 20 only commands

#change_owner <playername> - Gives ownership to a specified person.

#destroy_guild - Guild gets total deleted

#set_name <guildname> - Sets your guild name. Guild names have to be unique. The name can be changed at a later time.


That is all what I currently have and need information on #enemy_combatant & #enemy_pacifist(which also need (cost 50kgc use this command ) so description and minumum rank would be nice and also if attriubute that has be put with in command line say so?

Also if there is more command that I misse, please tell me and give the Command with attrubutetes, description, and minumum rank.

just realise more recent version then what I was uesing oops but any way still show how want change normal guild commands to be more user friendly


PS The reason I post here is so know why we need information.


[edit move #set_short_name to 19 since ttlanhil point out it]

Edited by jamesvm

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