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Dimov banned

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I have just been banned, for same ip trading. There were several friends along with me that were banned.

I do not deny that there was same ip trading, however I am appearantly unaware of the scale . The reason for it was, that a while ago I left my character to the elements so to speak, and didn't log on for a while. Since some friends (the afformentioned ones), were just starting, and I made a promise to them that I will help them ( they took some time to start activly playing after they created characters), and I decided to give them the password for my character, so they could take some things which were too valuable to go to waste. I warned them not to #killme my character, since I could've restarted playing (as I did later). I started to play again in short time (since now I had some RL friends playing here). They (as I find out) couldn't find out what's wrong with two characters trading from the same ip. They also aren't the sharpest of tools in term of rethorics, so I doubt they could explain what they did. Unfortunately I have the (bad) habit of keeping my password written down and they appearantly saw it, (I changed my password not long after I let them take some of my stuff) when they came over once.So they logged my character on and did some more ip trading. However not knowing that they knew this password, I calmly played, for a couple of days till they told me they used my character to repair some items at tankel (they claimed they couldn't get the quest started (I have similar problems with other quests, more on that later). Initially I said OK and didn't react (forgetting I haven't told them about my new password). One of them also asked me for some money which I lent him, and I told him I will lent him the money, provided he pays it back, and that they don't use my account anymore (note that I don't consider reading the password i keep written down, as anything malicious, as it was my fault that I kept it written down). He gave the money to his character and bought a steel plate mail. He returned the money later that day, in a form of part of the sum and the rest he payed back with fire essences. This about sums up the affair my character had with same ip trading.


I really hope this comes to a fair resolution, as I realise my guilt and so do my friends, which are apologizing and registering forum accounts. I would like to apologize on their behalf (they're good guys, but it's just another tale about the wrong path) and also personally. I have never had a serious run in with EL authorities up untill now (aside minor warnings). I hope you understand my position, and I also would request that my friends get unbanned too ( but I realize this may be a bridge too far).

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After reviewing your logs, and talking to you ingame, I believe what you say. I have unlocked Dimov, however there is still a serious case for your "friends" that goes way beyond their involvement with you. That will be their own case and not discussed here.

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