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The Moons of Draia

by Derin


The planet Draia is actually a small moon, and even has two moons of its own. One larger and one smaller.

The larger moon is called Macuma (ma-coo-ma), or simply, the moon. The smaller moon is less visible and is called Kaifhi (k-eye-fee). The two moons circle the sky in a seemingly erratic pattern. The average citizen knows that the moons are used by the gods to balance the magic stream of Draia.

Depending on the relative positions of the two moons, eight moon signs are known. Each moon constellation is about 45 days long, or one and a half month of the Elder calendar. Being born under a specific moon sign has a meaning to the citizens of Draia, see below.






The Moon astrologers acknowledge 8 different moon signs. The Lantern, The Axe, The Pendant, The Bone, The Beast, The Claw, The Eye and The Key The month of Aluwia dominated by the Lantern moon sign, then follows the axe, the pendant etc and the last moon sign in the cycle is the Key.



The Lantern



People born under The Lantern are believed to inherently know things. A common comment about such a person would be: Yes, s/he should know, s/he is lantern born

The Lantern represents seeking of knowledge, to shed light on things



The Axe



People born under The Axe are believed to be good workers. A common comment about such a person would be: S/he will finish the job, s/he is axe born

The Axe represents doing more than thinking, to act instead of contemplate.



The Pendant



People born under The Pendant are believed to be uncertain or downright distrustful. A common comment about such a person would be: Hah! If we listen to him/her we will never be able to do anything. S/he is pendant born after all

The Pendant represents the struggle between doing right and wrong.



The Bone



People born under The Bone are believed to be strong and healthy. A common comment about such a person would be: Amazing I thought s/he was dead, but of course being bone born means something. (said when such a person recovers from a grave wound or injury).

The Bone represents steadfastness, to not yield.



The Beast



People born under The Beast are believed to be untamed, sensual and wild. A common comment about such a person would be: I do not know if I should fear or love him/her. S/he sure is beast born.

The Beast represents the unknown, the need to deal with obscured facts.

Instead of saying I don’t know some people say: That is hidden by the beast or Only the beast would know



The Claw



People born under The Claw are believed to be unfortunate or unlucky. A common comment about such a person would be: S/he sure carries the claw (said every time such a person fails).

The Claw represents change and chance.

Under the Claw people believe that some men changes into beasts to haunt the lands. When both moons are full at the same time in the sign of the claw, most people call it a shift-night. The shift-night is supposed to bring out the true callings in people, usually at the expense of others.



The Eye



People born under The Eye are believed to be watchful, all-seeing or distrusting. A common comment about such a person would be: I don’t expect him/her to trust me. S/he is eye born, you know.

The Eye represents vision and a clear view on things.

Visions governed by the eye are generally believed to be true.



The Key



People born under The Key are believed to be sociable and likeable. A common comment about such a person would be: S/he is a natural key born (when such a person makes a good impression).

The Key represents the need for people or second opinions.




Moon signs and astrology


The moon signs are also used to make astrological projections, which are called Moon charts.

Specialized scholars or Moon sages make a living out of projecting the outcome of events based on the moons and their relative positions. For this they use a master chart:






To find out what the best course of action would be, you need to know;

- when the idea was conceived,

- the current day and,

- when you want to undertake the particular action.

Based on this and the positions of the moons at the specific times, the Moon sage may find the descriptor of the event and what governs it. Since the moons move in erratic patterns, the true difficulty lies in the projection of the governing position of the moons.



Descriptors and Governors


The eight moon signs acts as descriptor of the desired date. Each sign represents something.

The descriptor is governed by the actual position of the moons, these combinations/governors are called: The ear, The Lock, The Fist and The Sword.



The Ear represents the need to seek advice, to listen, to be calm.

The Lock represents the difficulty.

The Fist represents the need to take direct action.

The Sword represents the need to use other means, to seek alternative solutions.






Lord Luxin wants to overthrow the mayor of Portland and replace him with a puppet of his own choosing. He consults with the royal Moon sage who, based on his wits and the circumstances, might find: On the first Dranun in Viasia, the Bone is governed by the Fist and the Lantern is shadowed by the Sword.



((The Bone represents steadfastness and the Fist the need to take direct action. This indicates success of the plan. However the Lanterns represents the need to gather intelligence (seek knowledge) and the Sword the need to seek an alternative solution to the plan.))



The Moon sage would probably continue by saying something like: So, my lord, you could go ahead with your plan with a fair chance of success, but you might want to consider an alternate solution first.





Copy of the royal master chart of Whitestone.




this same info can be found here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/page/moonsigns.php

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