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fight in dpa, Tyrone dis and local chat:

Tyrone: u mana drain i aint playin that shit

CherUT: mi

Tyrone: waste my time and srs


Tyrone: im not gonna fight u

Tyrone: u cant win like a man so im not gonna try

CherUT: then dont go in arena

CherUT: I never thought I would see someone in wWw that cried about being attacked

Tyrone: i cry about losers that use magic (non healing) to win a fight


This is so funny considering all Tyrone's actions in the past. Nice to finally see him complaining about other players actions.


@Tyrone: You get what you give and at least this isn't outlaw action. If Tyrone is in wWw it is a shock to me considering he is well known outlaw from Rayla's guild.

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[crownwarrior @ 6]: i do tu

[hobobob38 @ 6]: crown, tu is spanish

[hobobob38 @ 6]: it is no harder to type to

[crownwarrior @ 6]: hobo, i dont care is english =)

[Popeye @ 6]: i thought tu was italian or latin

[Popeye @ 6]: et tu brute?

[hobobob38 @ 6]: yeah

[hobobob38 @ 6]: its also spanish

[crownwarrior @ 6]: thats roman

[crownwarrior @ 6]: nub




Edited by hobobob38

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[JezeBelle @ 6]: // a bit like mel gibson, realy..I like him alot..but I dont need to erm..have him..hahaha

[JezeBelle @ 6]: oh darn..:(

[DeMoNiZeD @ 6]: omg lool

[Zenial @ 6]: yes you do!

[Violater @ 6]: o.0

[Dilly @ 6]: ahhh Jez, wb <3. AND YES YOU DO!

[DeMoNiZeD @ 6]: lmfao this goes to QOTW :(

[JezeBelle @ 6]: nah..not anymore Dills..lol




Typos typos.... :(

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[new-player @ 1]: can i make it so i can zoom further out?

[PYEwacket @ 1]: use the page up/down keys to zoom in and out

[usl @ 1]: there are a few camera controls in Ctrl-O, Sky&Cam; not sure if what you want to obtain can be controlled from there

[new-player @ 1]: yeh but i can i make it so ican zoom farther out then themax?

[PM to Usl: so tempted to say "no, thats why its called the max" but well..what can we do eh?]

[usl @ 1]: short answer: no. Long answer: even if you zoom further out, what you see is limited by your Perception, so there is no much reason to do it

[PM from Usl: that was the first option I considered as an answer, then counted to 5 :)]

[PM to Usl: 5?? i cant get that high...must level counting skill :s]

[PM from Usl: easy, every hour you spend on @1/@2, you gain one level. As soon as you #jc 6, your level is reset to 0.]


Thanks to usl for permission to post this. perhaps it should be added to the skills section?

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Hope it's not too long (colored part is PM, but the rest is also important)


2 parts in this: 1 funny contest and 1 conversation with EL h4x0r of the month (and star wars fan)




[23:59:21] [PoPMonky @ 6]: i am hiding if u find me u get a stars medallion

[23:59:28] [cho_yun @ 6]: hints?

[23:59:35] [PoPMonky @ 6]: im in dp

[23:59:44] [cho_yun @ 6]: do you see candles?

[23:59:56] [Ohgeer @ 6]: how about some red snakes ?

[00:00:25] [PoPMonky @ 6]: im outside in desert tropics

[00:00:38] [Eventine @ 6]: youre in desert tropics

[00:00:39] [Cyprom @ 6]: Ooh walking contest

[00:00:45] [cho_yun @ 6]: woot!

[00:00:49] [cho_yun @ 6]: whats your coords?

[00:00:52] [Eventine @ 6]: no

[00:00:56] [Eventine @ 6]: dont tell

[00:01:04] [Cyprom @ 6]: He practicly told them -_-

[00:01:10] [Ohgeer @ 6]: pop you too easy to give them clues so quick

[00:01:11] [PoPMonky @ 6]: i am not tellin where i am im hiding

[00:01:11] [cho_yun @ 6]: excatly...

[00:01:12] [Eventine @ 6]: lol

[00:01:31] [cho_yun @ 6]: you already said where you were hiding ><

[00:01:42] [Cyprom @ 6]: I'm in Desert Pines, outside in Desert Tropics but I'm not telling where I am :o

[00:02:00] [PoPMonky @ 6]: an area in dp is desert tropics

[00:02:15] [Cyprom @ 6]: ubersmall..

[00:02:42] [PM from cho_yun: oh i wonder where he is...]

[00:02:51] [PM to cho_yun: c1/c2?]

[00:02:57] [PM from cho_yun: lmao]

[00:03:43] [Eventine @ 6]: any1 found you yet?

[00:03:56] [PoPMonky @ 6]: no

[00:04:01] [Cyprom @ 6]: Hints plz

[00:04:12] [Ohgeer @ 6]: no hints

[00:04:16] [cho_yun @ 6]: do you see a tent?

[00:04:17] [Cyprom @ 6]: lol

[00:04:29] [PoPMonky @ 6]: yes

[00:04:35] [Ohgeer @ 6]: want the challenge .. the thrill .. the frustration : )

[00:04:54] [Cyprom @ 6]: Sure

[00:04:56] [Eventine @ 6]: do you see a brownie?

[00:05:03] [PM from cho_yun: the thrill and frustration of going to every tent in dp and not finding him xD]

[00:05:18] [PM to cho_yun: There's only 1 tent in tropics]

[00:05:28] [PM from cho_yun: excatly]

[00:05:36] [PM to cho_yun: Oh wait there are small ones too]

[00:05:49] [PM to cho_yun: sh!t tis hard]

[00:05:53] [PM from Anshar: I didn't get the look change. I've paid for it. Nothing 4 free]

[00:06:08] [PM to Anshar: no h4x?]

[00:06:18] [PM from cho_yun: Wheres noobs when you need them to ask load of sh!t questions]

[00:06:25] [PM from Anshar: well]

[00:06:30] [PM from Anshar: I h4xed to pay]

[00:06:35] [PM to Anshar: pr0]

[00:06:37] [PM from Anshar: but this time i h4xed bank system]

[00:06:49] [PM from Anshar: h4xing EL is not a fun anymore]

[00:07:08] [PM from cho_yun: btw he isnt 'in' the tents or around them...]

[00:07:16] [PM to cho_yun: Not like I'm looking]

[00:07:22] [PM to Anshar: Too easy?]

[00:07:23] [PM from cho_yun: lol]

[00:07:26] [PM from Anshar: yup]

[00:07:29] [PM from Anshar: no challange]

[00:07:38] [PM to Anshar: It is for me, teach me h4x plx]

[00:07:53] [PM from Anshar: you need to learn the arse-mode hax first.]

[00:08:04] [PM from Anshar: Catch your buttock and you will see that you're moving faster.]

[00:08:26] [PM to Anshar: What's a buttock?]

[00:08:34] [Eventine @ 6]: have they faound you?

[00:08:44] [PM from Anshar: buttock - Either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump]

[00:08:49] [NO_regrets @ 6]: i found him

[00:08:54] [Eventine @ 6]: ok

[00:08:59] [PM to Anshar: Ah I only know the plural]

[00:09:08] [PM from Anshar: plural is ass:P]

[00:09:15] [PM to Anshar: No buttocks]

[00:09:22] [PM from Anshar: ass]

[00:09:28] [PM from Anshar: buttocks make ass, aye?]

[00:09:33] [PM to Anshar: Ok master]

[00:09:34] [PM from Anshar: so plural from buttock is ass]

[00:09:51] [PM to Anshar: Why does ass have plural then?]

[00:10:05] [PM from Anshar: some people have 4 buttocks]

[00:10:06] [Ohgeer @ 6]: so search is over pop?

[00:10:13] [PM to Anshar: Like you?]

[00:10:15] [ze78 @ 6]: hiiii any events?

[00:10:18] [PM to Anshar: With h4x and all..]

[00:10:19] [PM from Anshar: i have 1 ass]

[00:10:27] [PM from Anshar: i can have 3 asses, though]

[00:10:32] [PM from Anshar: just need to h4x a bit]

[00:10:33] [PM to Anshar: 1 ass? but ass is plural...]

[00:10:46] [PM from Anshar: see?]

[00:10:50] [PM to Anshar: Hard]

[00:10:51] [PM from Anshar: i h4x even grammar]

[00:11:16] [PM to Anshar: Not even in your native language :D]

[00:11:24] [PM from Anshar: in any language]

[00:11:34] [PM from Anshar: h4xing grammar is basic course]

[00:11:45] [PM to Anshar: Oh I see, where can I get one?]

[00:11:47] [PM from Anshar: h4xing spelling is intermediet]

[00:11:57] [PM from Anshar: h4x google for it]

[00:12:12] [PM to Anshar: h4xgoogle.com?]

[00:12:17] [PM from Anshar: yeah]

[00:12:45] [PM to Anshar: What's pw?]

[00:13:06] [PM from Anshar: man, h4x it!]

[00:13:11] [PM to Anshar: I can't yet B)]

[00:13:45] [PM from Anshar: it's the first thing you need to learn, how to h4x h4xgoogle w/o pw]

[00:13:56] [PM to Anshar: You're my teacher...]

[00:14:12] [PM from Anshar: yesh, but i'm letting you obtain the knowledge on ur own, this works best]

[00:14:17] [PM to Anshar: ty]

[00:14:24] [PM from Anshar: yw, my padawan]

[00:14:45] [PM to Anshar: *hits h4x button* I got in, my little sister installed this new button B)]

[00:14:56] [PM from Anshar: smart sister you have]

[00:15:02] [PM from Anshar: hope she will join us in the dark side]

[00:15:09] [PM to Anshar: She's my apprentice]

[00:15:30] [PM to Anshar: Afraid of the dark though B)]

[00:15:39] [PM to Anshar: I'll have to h4x her fears]

[00:16:02] [PM from Anshar: do it]

[00:16:27] [PM to Anshar: She's not at home, how I use long distance h4x?]

[00:16:39] [PM from Anshar: h4xopathy]

[00:16:47] [PM from Anshar: h4xed telepathy]

[00:16:51] [PM to Anshar: No button, I'll look it up on h4xgoogle]

[00:17:06] [PM from Anshar: yeah, there is good h4xmanual for dummies]

[00:17:45] [PM to Anshar: It's french, You h4x translation for me plz]

[00:17:51] [PM from Anshar: sure]

[00:18:14] [PM from Anshar: just type h4x23n91ish]

[00:18:51] [PM to Anshar: *hits h4x23n91ish button* My sister knew this apparently]

[00:19:04] [PM from Anshar: she is too good to let her be just like this]

[00:19:06] [PM from Anshar: she join us must]

[00:19:18] [PM to Anshar: I convince her with good h4x]

[00:20:32] [PM to Anshar: My neighbour is h4xing me, I got lag]

[00:20:40] [PM from Anshar: h4x him bck]

[00:20:47] [PM from Anshar: he ain't h4x0r yet]

[00:21:01] [PM to Anshar: I have to h4x his h4xprotection first then...]

[00:21:18] [PM from Anshar: his h4xprotection is illusion]

[00:21:26] [PM to Anshar: Oh cool thx, I got him]


Most of the smilies were removed b/c the forum didn't allow that many in one post.


That was my old character from when I was noob :)

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[19:20:09] [Entreri @ 6]: Drop: 1 Red Dragon Helm Of Life and ManaDrop: 1 Red Dragon Helm Of Life and ManaDrop: 1 OrangeDrop: 57049 Gold Coins

[19:20:24] [MARVEL @ 6]: nice

[19:20:26] [Cyrus @ 6]: grats

[19:20:33] [WiFi @ 6]: sweet

[19:20:35] [elveron @ 6]: gratzz, gimme mah orange

[19:20:48] [WiFi @ 6]: i wannna go instance :)

[19:20:51] [bugabear @ 6]: backoff bitch



Made me laught badly :P

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[ME_OW @ 3]: Selling JS of man nulification pm me



I remember this, was funny :P

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Haha awesome :P

#GM from cajun_belle: some people r like slinkies not good for much, but bring a smile to your face when u push them down a flight of satirs

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clarkeness: it puts the stones in my bag

clarkeness: or it gets the hose again

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[hobobob38 @ 6]: what person in their right mind would want to go shopping at 4 am? :P

[burn @ 6]: Same kinda moron that stands outside an Apple store at midnight for the latest iCrap?

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[ThunderCloud @ 6]: ;)

[Kaddy @ 6]: 35 giants and 65 naspas, they are out. :P

[DuBro @ 6]: kk

[Voodoo @ 6]: dammit kaddy =/ beat me to it

[Kaddy @ 6]: ^^

[DuBro @ 6]: giants 1 restore each

[Kaddy @ 6]: LMAO

[ThunderCloud @ 6]: y dont u go there, finish it, and then talk?

[CherUT @ 6]: lol

[Asylum @ 6]: LOL?

[bOO @ 6]: LOL

[Dilly @ 6]: lolol

[Little @ 6]: you gonna range them?

[smurf @ 6]: YOu and what army?

[MARVEL @ 6]: whahaha

[barakushiak @ 6]: rofllol

[ThunderCloud @ 6]: rofl

[Polly @ 6]: lmao

[DuBro @ 6]: yes

[barakushiak @ 6]: roflooool

[MARVEL @ 6]: next qotw :D

[Polly @ 6]: lalala

[Dilly @ 6]: it's true cos dubro said it!

[ThunderCloud @ 6]: did u saw giant before? oO'

[DuBro @ 6]: sop ftw?

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[cooldudes12 @ 6]: hobobob36 was added to your ignore list!

[Nocturne @ 6]: ya ty for announcing it to us all

[Nocturne @ 6]: because we reeeeeally give a fuck

[Cyrus @ 6]: +1 noc

[Em0tion @ 6]: +1 Cyrus

[hobobob38 @ 6]: +1 em0tion

[Quesar @ 6]: You see a Leonard (alpha)

[KriXuS @ 6]: -1 quesar

[Aislar @ 6]: +1 quesar

[hobobob38 @ 6]: +1 spam :P

[Cyrus @ 6]: -1 hobo

[hobobob38 @ 6]: -4 cyrus

[Em0tion @ 6]: +1 to Cyrus for starting the whole "+" thing

[Nocturne @ 6]: +1 nocturne

[Cyrus @ 6]: \o/


Then after awhile....


[KriXuS @ 6]: +10000 for KriXuS

[Cyrus @ 6]: -10001 krixus :o

[KriXuS @ 6]: I am at 0 then

[Cyrus @ 6]: ;p

[WiFi @ 6]: no -1.. add it up

[hobobob38 @ 6]: unless he added the +1 spam

[KriXuS @ 6]: I said -1 lenny that means I get a +1

Edited by Em0tion

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[andy @ x]: any ideas why I get kicked out so often, when I try to change maps?

[Finja @ x]: corrupted map file?

[guinevereanne @ x]: sucky ebilness?

[Ceili @ x]: NPCs on new map don't like your face? :P (j/k)

[Elf_Ninja @ x]: magic video driver gnomes?

[Allandor @ x]: new negative perk;)

[Finja @ x]: rofl

[guinevereanne @ x]: its the evil corrupted gnomes

[Ceili @ x]: I'm glad we're all so helpful :P

[andy @ x]: hmm any well meant suggestions ? ;P

[guinevereanne @ x]: all of mine

[Finja @ x]: mine was serious

[guinevereanne @ x]: I am always serious

[Elf_Ninja @ x]: video driver gnomes are very serious


made me giggle B)

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