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iron ore- 2.5gc max 2k

silver ore- 2gc max 3k

sulphur- 2gc max 3k

any quartz- 2gc each max 3k

coal- 2gc each max 3k

any type of flower- up to level 35 harv price depends on flower max 3k


and thats it and im EXTREMELY sry to those i wasnt able to finish the other time (i was really busy and barely got to play the game at all :hug: ).


taking up to 3 orders at a time and plz allow 3-10 days for delivery


1.grozni 2k iron ore

2.DevilDog03 2k iron ore

3.littlestar 2k iron ore


just post here with orders or ingame :cry:

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K DevilDog when i finish Grozni's order ill start yours :hug:

Hey chewie, got some news. I'ma be out in the field training from monday (tomorrow) to possibly Friday night or Saturday morning. I'm sorry if you're done with the harvesting by then, you'll have to hold on to it for a week or so. I should be back December 9th. OORAH! See you around.

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I'd like 2k iron ore also, but I've been having trouble getting EL to work under Linux. So it might be a while till I can get on. :bow_arrow:


P.S.: Ingame name is Senia

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