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Graphics problems?

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What graphics card do I have?


In windows Vista

start -> control panel -> system and maintainance -> scroll down to device manager

Look under the 'Display adapters' tree.

Make a note of the name of your graphics card and click the appropriate link below. (sometimes a internet search of the device can provide useful links as well)


In Windows XP

Start -> Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> System.

Click the Hardware tab and then the 'Device Manager' button.

Look under the 'Display adapters' tree.

Make a note of the name of your graphics card and click the appropriate link below.


In Windows 9x/Me

If you are using a Windows version prior to XP,

Start ->Settings ->Control Panel -> System

click the 'Device Manager'

Look under the 'Display adapters' tree.

Make a note of the name of your graphics card and click the appropriate link below.


General Notes

Below you find links to various manufacturers of graphics cards (sometimes also called video cards)

If the drivers you get from there do not work, you should not give up, find your computers manufacturer hopepage and try to find GFX/VGA drivers for your system there.


As a rule of thumb (unless specifically told otherwise): Always uninstall old drivers before installing new ones!




ATI Drivers (Radeon, All-in-Wonder, Mobility Radeon, Integrated/Motherboard) drivers: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html


On the ATi driver portal page:
1 Select your operating system
2 Select your craphics card type
3 Select your graphics card model
4 Click Go (little green button)
5 Download and follow the installation instructions.
6 Don't forget you should uninstall old drivers before installing the new ones.

See also: https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...uestionID=20870



This card is a Integrated/Motherboard graphics card that need special attention in Eternal Lands (or so it seems).

In EL:try to set particles to 0 and fps to 30 in el.ini after you have updated the drivers


Omega drivers for ATi cards

If you are having troubles with the ATi drivers, you could try:





NVIDIA drivers (Geforce, TNT, Riva etc):




Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller

You may want to unblock pop-up windows if you are using Internet Explorer


If its an integrated graphics card, look at this:



Note from site:

Installs drivers for the integrated graphics controller of Intel® chipsets. This is not to be used if the system has a third party graphics card.


S3 Graphics (GFX cards/chips)

if you experience graphical artifacts and/or can't play at all and have an S3 gfx card/chip, try getting new drivers here:



read the instructions and download the identification tool:



With the information the identification tool gives you (READ how to use it before you use it!), choose the cardfamily your card belongs to under point #4 and follow the download and installations instructions it takes you to on the S3 site.




Other/older drivers/cards that may or may not work


Matrox (parhelia,..)



3Dfx (banshee, voodoo)



Links to all Graphic cards producers:



Windows Updates:



Working link to the 3Dfx drivers:



Drivers or links to drivers for nearly any hardware:


--> Video Drivers on that site:


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