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ip still banned

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i was a trustworthy player i dont know what happened then my ip got banned my guys name was maxyman40 i dont know what i did wrong could plz plz tell me what i did and unband me plz
im sorry and now i know what happens when u dont follow the rules can i plz have my ip adderess unblock i promise that i will follow all the rules.


from jnm5 in game name

dear el staff,


plz plz plz plz unblock im sorry for what i have done i know i was being mean to ppl like beanmaster. im so sorry i didnt mean anything. im sorry for everthing for whatr i have done plz unblock my ip adderess i want to play i know it hasnt been long maybe like 2 weeks or so but plz unbanned my ip i like eternal-lands alot its my favorite game i just want to play it i miss it plz let me play it. im sorry to all the ppl i was mean 2 and bad things i did to them.



in the game name jnm5

cmon plz unblock me this is my first time im sorry from jnm5

el staff plz plz unblock me im on my knees beggin i want to play the game i havent played for a month i miss it so much so plz plz unblock i will do anything form in the game name jnm5 i will follow all the rules
i know me and my brother have done bad things and we plz like to be unbanned its been about a couple months now and i it was our faults we did it i wish to be unbanned i just wish to play eternal-lands i just wish i could play on any or our 3 computers atleast once so plz plz unbanned our ip adderess


maxyman40 and jnm5 :dry:

Please only make ONE post here if you were banned. Multiple posts will be deleted and decrease the chance of you getting unbanned!
Not one of these other posts has had a reply, sorry I don't hold out much hope for this try either. Maybe you should have been truthful in the first post and you might have got somewhere. The mods are not idiots and have sophisticated systems in place for knowing when a player does things wrong and denies them in the vain hope of getting away with the offenses.

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That's a lot of brothers...

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