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Server Update

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Added a 3 seconds cooldown to the summoning stones.


Implemented the guild allies thing. The commands are:

#set_ally_guild guild shortname

#unset_ally_guild guild shortname




There are also some commands for setting the enemies, but they do not work properly now, so using them will cause you to ig block the guild you set as an enemy, and various other problems. Those features are NOT implemented yet anyway, so do not use it! If you do use them, don't come to me to fix your guild, because I won't.



Now the summoned animals have rights, you can no longer attack them if they are in your guild (not even yours) or in an allied guild. They will still attack eachother in the summoning areas though.


Added an NPC that sells nexus for 50 Hydrogenium bars, as previously discussed.

Changed some of the summoning stone formulas and experience and food requirements (people were getting way too much experience and money).

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